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(Music) “Mio Mo” by Michael Whyte|| @michaelwhyte23


‎Michael whyte by His grace a Gospel Artist who loves the Lord with his heart just released a single titled MIO MO. MIO MO is a song of thanks giving unto God Almighty for all the wonderful things He has done and still doing for me. Looking at everything one won’t know where to start from because they are countless. As you listen to the song may your heart be full of gratitude to God always. Hallelujah.

He is a multiple award winner and quite an eclectic gospel singer. This was aaquite visible in his previously released 14 tracker album which had the soar-away hit, ‘Ose Baba’, on it. The album is a mix of African traditional praise, gospel Hip hop and pop laced with a good tincture of vintage whyte Afro-centric chimes. Indeed, it’s a perfect embodiment of Mr. Whyte’s  eclectic assemblage.
Michael Whyte started singing at a tender age in Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Oke Anu Owode, Opposite Army Barracks. Lagos. He sang in the children, teens, youth and the Sanctuary church choir in his local church. As a youth, he longed for more in his Christian life and also developed his singing abilities while on a quest to know more about God.
In later years of life, he joined the New Realm Baptist Church, Ojo.While there, the music Director, Pastor Farinde, saw something different in him, took interest and worked with him on his music. This divine opportunity and tutelage helped bring out Michael’s singing gift quite impressively. He was quick to learn and adapt to new trends of singing the gospel through music.
Even with his CAC background, Michael did quite well by adapting seemingly effortlessly to contemporary songs and this he attests to the help of the Holy spirit and his beloved music tutor, Pastor Farinde. He is graduate of Performing Arts from the University of Ilorin, Kwara state Nigeria. He took his music career to another level while he was in the University and was noted by his department and the university at large. The university provided the much needed environment for him to express God’s gift in him so he took part in so many performances within and outside the university of Ilorin.
He won multiple awards while in school and this marked the beginning of an appreciated ministry/career in music for him. The awards he won in school includes; Best overall Opera Singer of the department of Performing Arts, Best male Opera Palmist Award, Best Male Vocalist from  In His Presence Awards, Best male Singer High Praise Award, Best Male  Award from the Palmist Awards,  Merit Award (NYSC Bayelsa State 2004), Best Male Vocal Singer (Psalmist Award 2013) to mention but a few. All these he said is to the glory of God.
Michael Whyte has ministered in so many churches and happy wheels concerts within Lagos and out. He recently launched an album titled ALRIGHT. The album has three Videos; Da News, Alright and his most recent OSE BABA which is full of energetic dance and so on.
Michael Whyte has worked with so many producers 0n his songs as well as on that of others. He has been a back-up vocalist for different artistes for years now. This is his way of sharing and contributing to the ministry of others.
Mr. Whyte is very conscious of his success in God and never stops letting people know he owes it all to God. In between sentences, he openly attests his success to God and says it’s all for God’s glory alone. He also believes so much in gospel music ministry and never ceases to share his views on the growth and challenges of the genre in Nigeria.
According to him, “Gospel music has gone out of what it was before… However, some of us need to really know why we are doing gospel music. It is when you are sure of your calling as a gospel minister that you will be ready for the challenges. The truth is that gospel music is still crawling cos of lack of funding and supports but is still thriving amidst all this.”
Michael Whyte launched his debut Album in April 14, 2013. The album has inspirational songs and  other soulful tracks like Ose Baba, Da News (both gospel dance hall super hits) , No One and Hosanna. For those with strong passion for worship, the tracks “I Worship You´ and ‘Alone You Are’ will provide a perfect spiritual medium to connect with the hosts of heaven.
Though it’s a debut effort, some of his songs have graced the airwaves both at home and in the Diaspora. Da News was released in 2010 and it immediately sizzled the airwaves in local radio and television stations.  It was also a hit song on Kingdom Africa and One gospel  on DSTV. Last year when Alright was released as a single, it featured prominently on One Gospel and Kingdom Africa both on DSTV.
Recently MW released some singles which are MIO MO,O YE, YOU DESERVE,I’LL GO TO THE ROCK and his most recent GOOD PERSON in this songs he describes God as being good and His mercy endureth forever despite man’s attitude towards Him, His love for man is still the same‎. Somebody shout alleluia


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