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(Article) El-Rufai Anti Christ Bill: A Wake-Up Call To Christian Leaders By Rev’d Femi Williams


My Spiritual Gun is loaded, let no demon misbehave, this is a very fine statement, but then are you not just delivering words and sermons instead of delivering the people in your congregation
from the shackles of sin, lets stop delivering exciting words that moves the EAR but cannot unseat the devil in the life of men.

Lets stop all these deceitful, moral, social and Pentecostal phraseology.
Each time l look at the way Pastors are preparing their church members for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, fear do grip my heart and ahead of the church is the threat of the moments of agony from the Islamic fundamentalist and from Satan in particular.

How many members in your church can you vouch for, that will be able to stand during the moment of agony, when some of your Bishop might change from Bishop David to Sheik Dauda, going by what we are observing as their focus in their sermons now.

Lets stop weaving tales Tales of Adventure on the Pulpit, while the devil is busy invading and killing us in the christian camps through Islamic
fundamentalist, they are in Asia, Kenya, West Coasts, Calathumpia, Parathumpia, UK, US and
in Nigeria, even here in Nigeria it is believed that they are part of those ruling in the Nigerian Government, this is evident by what is going on in Kaduna State in Nigeria.

Am disturbed and worried by the quietness of the so called Christian Fathers in the land over the move and attempt of Gov El Rufai’s attempt to demobilize the effect of Christianity in Kaduna State, probably to turn it into Islamic State.

You call them Generals in Christ but their guns can kill a fly, if they can let them decree a stop to all these.


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