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(Exclusive Interview) “Jesus Gives Me Abajesurin Not An Ordinary Stage Name” Gospel Singer, Prophet Abajesurin Affirms|| @abajesurin|@ifeeysings|@dicozbadewo|@fathersyndrum

Anilab Record label and  IFAK Music Company boss and ‎song writer Abajesurin and popularly know as Prophet affirmed  how God gave him the name he bear as his stage in an interview section with BenMagRadio anchored  by a senior correspondent Sola Isola.
The Multi-talented singer while  discussing during the chat  disclosed more information about his life and lot more. Enjoy As you read

Q: Can we meet you sir?
AB: I am Prophet Abajesurin, a prophet, songs writer, Producer, CEO of Anilab Record and IFAK Music company. 
Q: The name “ABAJESURIN”, is it a stage name or your real name? 
AB: Well, that’s a big question, I won’t say it’s a stage name, I will rather call it a real name minding the fact that it doesn’t come by taught or saying let me find a name for my self, it’s a given name by Jesus Himself. 
Q: Why do people call you Prophet being a gospel singer?

AB: Anyway, people call me that because am a prophet through my music , it’s my calling in music. 

Q: When did you discover the talent and how long have you been in the industry? 
AB: I started when I was 6 year of age, then, I was a chorister in Grand Pa’s church a C&S church at Oluwasogo but then I never had the taught of singing, sometime I picked up microphone to sing and people would like drop the microphone for an elderly people to sing, later, God inspired me. 

Q: Prophet sir, how has the journey be so far, since you have started the work of music ministry?
AB: Well, everything is God! No man ever progress without challenges, but God will always be faithful to his people. 

Q: You mentioned earlier that God inspired you to start…. when you got the inspiration, what did you do next?

AB: I joined GOMA and after some year I released my first album titled “Eyin Oluwa”. 
Q: Which year was that and how was the process like, your experience? 

AB: I recorded it February 2011, though it was like I was going through stress being the first time and it was a fun for me based on the fact that I was eager to release the album. 
Q: Tell us about the Album, Eyin Oluwa? 

AB: it’s a 4 tracks album, comprises of praise tungba, reggae and ariya(isoji emi). 
Q: Of all these tracks which one is your favourite?

AB: Track one Eyin Oluwa and track 2 Ebami gbe Ga. 
Q: Since then, how many Album have you released?
AB: Two more album Abajesurin volume. 1 and IRANTI( Remembrance). 

Q: Can you tell us about your music company, IFAK MUSIC?

AB: Ifak Music company is a place where we deal with music productions like tracks, album, jingle. Etc and also promote artist who do their song with us at the same time market and make them known to the world, working with gospel artist and artiste who does good news music

Q: When did the IFAK music company started operating? 
AB: In the year 2016. 
Q: How many artist are under IFAK record label? 
AB: Can’t reveal that for now base on some personal reasons. 

Q: Tell us about your Birthday?
AB: (Smile)May be you don’t really need this, But I was born on April 1st(Laugh)‎. 
Q: Great! Any plans for your fans?
AB: My plans for them is make sure they are save as they come to Jesus through my music, that’s my primary plans for my fans. 
Q: Are you married? 
AB: Am not yet but am engaged and I will be doing my wedding soon. 

Q: (Laugh) Are you inviting all Benmagradio Crew? 

AB: You will be invited. 
Sola Isola: It’s been a wonderful time with you here sir, On behalf of Benmagradio Manager and the entire Crew members I say thank you for sharing your time with us. 
AB: You are welcome sir.



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