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(Article) Get Provoked (Positively) by Prof Holy Rock||@Profholy


It was not time for JESUS to show Himself but the situation on ground
provoked His greatness.[John 2:3 – 11]
May the situation you are facing right now cause you to show (manifest) your

I CAN HELP YOU THINK? If you need to GO for a training, study, mentorship,
research etc to help provoke, show (manifest) your greatness please do.
To some people before they finish reading this article they will start
showing forth their greatness. This is because they already know what to do but
just need someone to push them; which PROF HOLY ROCK have done by typing this
article. To these set of people this article stand as their PUSH. While to
some, before or after reading this article will discover something (another
unique thing) about themselves. To these set of people this article stand as a
DISCOVERY CHANNEL. While some, before or after reading this article will start
planing positively because an idea hit them hard and this will cause them to
show forth their greatness in a week, ( or weeks) month (s), year (s) time.
This is what a good book, Comedy, Movie, Event, Dance, Music, Sight Seeing,
Friendship, Relationship, Marriage, Video, DVD, CD or any association etc
should do to you.

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BARRISTER CHARLES CHIMDIEBERE and then, the dreams interpreter Pst PAUL AND
FAITH JOSHUA and many more. (Host) PROF HOLY ROCK.

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Ben Peletu is one of Nigeria's highly creative youth who combines several qualities such as being an On Air Personality (OAP) ,Blogger, Inspiration Speaker, composer, writer, singer, and director in several Gospel Music capacity. The graduate of Mass Communication drawn inspirations to become a blogger from the works of broadcasting through a popular gospel program he anchors on Air tagged "Sunday Tonic"(No. 1 Sunday Classic Show) where he had interviewed a lot of renowned gospel music ministers such as Evang. Dr. Bola Are, Mike Abdul, Prince Goke Bajowa, Monique, Kenny Kore,Yetunde Are to mention a few. He is the CEO of one of the leading Gospel Music Promotional website In Nigeria, an online gospel radio and webpage dedicated towards promoting Gospel entertainment called Benmagradio.


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