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Column :Lies From My Parents By Crisdalecturer|| @Crisdalecturer

1. If you take first position I will buy it
for you
Many of us grew up not getting most of
the things our parents promised us.
your parents tell you this just know deep
down that you may never get it. Being first
position in class is a serious job and it
could be really painful when you do not
get a prize. Not to worry, it is important
for you to pass in school.😣😣
2. Bring the money let me keep it for
Trust me, that money is gone. I can bet
the money got spent even before you got
home that day. Parents often collect
money from their wards by saying they
would keep it for them. Even when the
children ask, they tell them it is still in the
bank or even come up with another
3. Let’s go home, we will come back
For your mind
Sometimes, children may not want to
leave a place of fun and parents try
different means of persuading them to
leave. Many parents promise they would
be back the following day. Trust me, it
would not happen. If your parents told
you this at an event, you are on a very
long thing.😣😣
4. It will size you soon
Parents, while trying to economize things,
often go for clothes that are not the
perfect fit. They do this so they would be
able to plan their budget. They end up
buying you over-sized clothes and shoes
and tell you it would soon be your size.
You may wear that shoe with cloth snuffed
in it for as long as possible.😜😜
5. Go and bring your shoes
Many of us fell for this trick while growing
up. The best way parents leave us behind
is by asking us to go get our shoes while
they wait. Before you step out, they would
have gone. Parents still do this and it is
funny now seeing children sit or roll on
the floor when their parents do this to
6 for the girls, our mothers do tell us that if a man should touch either knowingly or mistakenly, you will get pregnant.
Now our ladies, abeg, if truly that it the case you should be mothers of many nations by now, in short there will be a lot of bastards in town.
The moral is, all these lies is aimed to help shapen us to be a disciplined child. 
Thank you daddys and mummy’s for the lies, even though it helped us to be disciplined, yet you LIED!!!
If you remember any more lies, please share with us.


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