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(FOTW) Meet The Young Rich Man Mr Peace Oyedokun Who Emerges AS Our Face Of The Week


This week BenMagRadio picked out a man of honour who emerges as our Face Of The Week,fulfilling all the requirements given out to our fans.
Mr Peace Oyedokun is
a young christian who has high reputation among his brethren in the kingdom because of the way he his showing his Christ-Like character even in his office and everywhere he find himself
He so much believe in Christianity as he believes that the sun as risen: not only because he sees it but because by it he sees everything else

Meet our Man Of The Week(FOTW)

 Full Name-Oyedokun Peace
Local Government Area-Iwo
Occupation-Civil Servant
Nickname-Baba Olowo
Relationship – Married

Likes- Simplicity,trustworthiness and humility 
Dislikes- Haughtiness,laziness and injustice
BB Pin:2BC23E48
Phone Number:08073693010 –
  Facebook URL/ Profile Name- Oyedokun Peace Oyekunle –  
 Honest Review About Benmagradio- Benmagradio is a Godly communication company,that is established to promote and broadcast the goodies and informations of and on gospel singers and artists.With the zeal and perseverance observed and seen in the visioneer and missioneer of this company, I can assure you Benmagradio is bound to be the greatest or one of the great in the nearest future


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