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Today’s Colum With Crisdalecturer Tittle: My Colours|| @Crisdalecturer

As a child, I had the mindset that two colours actually rule the world, which is black and white. I had the belief that anything black has to do with devil and white is God. I started schooling just like most of you did in the kindergarten
class before I moved into the nursery class and one subject that formed the basis for my knowledge of colours was colouring. I had crayons representing different colours and my teachers categorically told me we had the following colours; Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Black, Purple and Brown. We were even told to recite these colours so they could stick in our brains. We thought that was the end of the world for colours not until we got into higher classes over the years when we started knowing that anything could create its own colour e.g orange and apple.
It got worse when I discovered that all the colours actually had sisters, brothers, cousins and lots of extended families. So, let’s take a short trip together to the world of these colour expansions.
RED gave birth to children like Scarlet Red, Maroon Red, Chili Red, and Dark Red etc.
BLUE gave birth to Powder blue, Navy blue, Sky blue, Royal Blue etc.
GREEN gave birth to Army green, Bottle green, Mint green etc.
PINK gave birth to champagne pink, baby pink, Fuchsia pink, Rose pink etc.
BROWN gave birth to Camel brown, Mahogany brown, Tan etc
Now you can see that life itself keeps getting complex. Since it’s now a norm for colours to be created every day, its time to create mine.
I hereby present to you the CATEGORIES OF WHITE using a white shirt as specimen.
After wearing for one week : NEW WHITE
After one month: WHITE
After 3 months: HOPEFULLY WHITE
After 6 months: CONFUSED WHITE
After 9 months: ONCE UPON A WHITE
After 1 year:  The white starts asking questions like ” WHO AM I ?”
At that point my brother if you are still wearing that white, you nor get conscience at all.
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