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(Article) WHAT DO WE DESERVE? BY SOLA ISOLA[ @sola_isola]

“Life is Good”, I have heard people say this a lot of time and I feel very excited but much more than this I hear another saying “Life doesn’t give us exactly what we deserve” So I began to ponder on this and think about it so I found out something. Please come along with me

There are some basic ABC things that might be important and in fact they are logically true but because we are not expected to operate of this mortal earth, we live in the supernatural. So here comes the question, what is life?
Simply put life has no definition. Life is a person, life is an entity the difference that occurs is the fact that we all carry different motive and mind all around. So then, who is life?
Jesus said in the bible “…I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the father but by me”. So Jesus is the life. If Jesus had said ” He is the way, truth and life “, do you know it would have meant one thing that He is one of the three to one person and another to another. But He said “He is the Life”. So the life we said doesn’t give us what we deserve is Jesus. At this point, I hope we know that Jesus is Lord? Jesus said in the bible “I and my father are one” So Jesus is Lord and God is Life.
Let me then go back to that statement “Life doesn’t give us what we deserve”. The bible said “And the Lord formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul”. From the passage, I hope you know that you and I carry the breath of life gotten from the giver of life. Simply put, we have the life and we are alive. Now the question is this “what do we deserve”. Let me take this approach I called “the Spiritual approach”
1) We do not deserve life, yet God gave us life.
2) After man sinned, we deserve to die yet God gave us his son Jesus Christ and gave us life.

So alas we do not deserve what life (God) gives us but I have an understanding that people meant it in the natural but I will need to also remind us that the “physical world is controlled by the spiritual world”. So if we have life in abundance in the spiritual then we have it in excess in the physical, because this material world for each individual is the reflection of their spiritual world. From this day onward I beseech you brethren to have this believe that “life gives us much more than what we deserve” only then things will turn around. You will succeed… #ThinkBig #ActWisely #PutGodFirst #HouseholdOfConscienceAndCommonSense
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