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A Must Read:Inspirational Poem Tittled “NAP” By Adetoyese Yusuf Adewale


Thou fluid I grasp wholeheartedly
And my land smile for it to sink
It pleases my body and soul
After a decade of endless stress in all spheres
Now I need to snore, a bit
This is no doubt my compensation

Nap; a mini sleep

It came to me gently in my creep
So I stopped to have a sip
I felt helplessly dizzy afterwards
Then my busy body was scold to rest


Something slapped my ribs
So hard that I nearly excreted my heart
An abstract being
It resurrected my gone soul
It halts my sweet voyage and…….

Though I was mad like the latest widow in town

But it claimed to have stopped me
from sleeping wrongly on the unwanted
It said it restored my consciousness
Please, can’t you stay put?
I felt like roasting its liver for dinner


A sugary sleep in the attainment tomb
Maybe this is not my place
Maybe those times is a waste
If I truly need a faster pace
Yes! I need to pick a race.

 Ordinarily, a nap is a short or brief sleep especially during the day,
but this poem is talking about the nap beyond the nap. It is called
Oogbe in Yoruba language, I hope I have not been playing on too much

This poem is talking about how relaxed we feel after a particular

achievement, how accomplished we feel after breaking a jinx. I am
seeing someone shaking his/her head.

Naturally we are bound to feel that way, human beings are created to

relax after an accomplishment in life, this brief or long rest after
such achievement is considered by the poet as a ‘nap’.

However, the ability to see beyond our good of today in a pursuit of

better tomorrow while working for the best future is the thing that is
expected to be waking us off our ‘nap’.

I don’t know if somebody is getting something from this analysis of

the poem. We are not to relax after recording a particular success.

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About The Poet.
Adewale Adetoyese is a still writing writer whose sole purpose of
writing is to motivate restore hope in the seemingly dead hope zone of
the masses globally.
He is a communicator by profession and nature, as well as a media expert.


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