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(Article) IN YOUR BRAIN!!! BY SOLA ISOLA [ @sola_isola]


Life could be easier if we decide to take things easy. God created man and

put a brain in the skull of a man. And the brain controls all human

activity, another thing to note is that the size of the human brain does

not really vary(to the best of my knowledge) but the level of

implementation and utilization of the brain depends on the user.

That indicates that each and everyone of us has the right to decide either

to choose to make their brain work or not. So many people we see around

today are just moving around because they have refuse to make a proper use

of their brain.

God designed the brain like a tank of thought. That is what you are

supposed to use to create a well loving environment for your self. The

brain that is left dormant will create for the owner a dormant.

Have you ever thought about this before, if God had wanted man to be a

robot. He will pack our brain and put it in heaven, then control us with a

remote. Then we will not be able to make decisions on our own, we will be

operated with a remote control from above and then some people will have

the remote on earth will not become powerful. But God is a God of

principles. He gave men the right to decide which club to belong in life.

I need to say that people who are great today, most people who are rich

today are product of good and great thought, they have understood the power

behind the brain.

There is a story i came across sometime ago about Bill Gate, the richest

man in the world. At the age of 12, Bill’s mother can find him. she had

looked for him and was tired, all of a sudden she bumped into him at the

basement of the house and screamed at him what have you been doing here i

have looked for you all around and Bill Gate told the mother, “Mum am

thinking, don’t you think”. No wonder he is the world richest man in the

world today.

There are actually three ways to it

1) God gave us the brain, so we could think and let him rest. So many

people are depending so much on God that they want God to think for them.

Underutilizing the brain God gave them and thinking its because they have

faith in God. Let me say here that an underutilized brain will end up a

mediocre. Stand up today and think outside the box.

2) God gave you that brain so that you could think like Him. Man was

created in God image, isn’t it? In other words, God has a brain and you

also have, If God had not thought about creating men we will not be here

today so why wont you think.

3) God gave us the brain so we could connect with him. If you go to a cyber

cafe. There is always a master computer where all other computer source

data from. Interestingly everything that is done on other computer could be

monitored and controlled from that computer. This same thing is applicable

to us, God created this brain so that we could connect with Him while

thinking, because He is the source.

Take a timeout today to think about what a situation you are in, you will

be surprised of the result.

#ThinkBig #ActWisely #PutGodFirst #ThinkOutsideTheBox



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