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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW; “Gospel Music Is Not A Profession But A Calling”- David Dayo|| @DavidDayo1


African based Award-winning gospel singer and song writer, DAVID DAYO
who is the first African singer to win HOLLYWOOD Music Awards twice
consecutively in Contemporary Christian/Gospel categories was on the
with BenmagRadio yesterday.

The Nigerian
born international gospel artiste who has won many awards like the Best
Contemporary song of year 2013 at SABC CROWN AWARD and nominated for
countless numbers of International award like the Best International
song and Best international Male Artist, at AGMA Italy bare his mind on
different issues relating to music and his background.  
Q: Can we meet you sir?
Ans: Thank you very much, I am a Nigerian South Africa based gospel artist minister by the grace of God.
Q: When did you realize you have the gift of singing or let me say how did you came about music?
The gift of singing was not my major focus but I have been a worship
leader in my church in Nigeria also a worship leader on campus at The
polytechnic of Ibadan, just doing that because of the love of God. Here
in South Africa I lead worship in a church (Christ Apostolic Church in
Pretoria) but as a Carrier. 
I studied financial management so
I wanted to work in a financial sector, but I ended up in furniture
company for 6years but in 2013 God called me to be a full time worshiper and that he will honor me and that is where I know I have
the gift to sing and be a blessing to the world by his Grace.
Q: So you didn’t start up because you have a good voice but because God wants to use you as a vessel?
Ans: It is not about the voice you have but the voice that speaks to you to start.
Q: What has been the challenges so far?
The challenge is very interesting, when you are in a foreign land and
you are having speed within three years of Carrier it will attracts more
enemies….. Let me simply put it as “New level,New devil” but God
gives me grace to stand and I am still standing.
Q: “New level, New devil” kindly shed more light on this sir?
Ans: it means the more higher you go the more people that will wanna block you or work against you. 
In other words success attracts more enemies.
Q: So how have you been coping with challenges (enemies)?
Ans: Through prayers, I make sure I didn’t disconnect from the source (God).
Having won several awards both home and mostly abroad at major events,
what has been your courage and did you ever expected loads of laurels so
early in your craft?
Ans: I would love to say
this ….first of all I give all glory to God the giver of gifts, what
really encourage me is the vision and the calling from God. 
didn’t expect what God is doing in my ministry it’s just that I am
doing what he has called me to do by his Grace and confirmed the calling
with awards. When God calls you he backs it up with signs.
What is the difference between being a worship leader in a church and a
professional gospel artist, making yourself as an example?
Worship leaders in a church serves the ministry and professional gospel
artist is doing it either as a calling or business. 
Myself? Its a calling not as a professional gospel artist, I am also serving in my church as a leader.
Have met a lot of gospel artiste that are professional gospel Artiste that sing to make money and not as a calling.


Q: Which one is now most preferable or which one will you recommend for someone to become?
I would like to recommend to upcoming gospel art to be a TRUE worship
leader knowing that it is all about the giver of the voice to lead
people of God to his presence.
The focus should be souls and rather not money making, if you tread this part you will surely be blessed later on.
God said true worshiper not profession gospel Art.
Q: Does that mean it is wrong to sing for the money?
Ans: Yea, it is
Can we now say its not biblical to get “Rich” through Gods work or its
not appropriate to get blessed with some goodies because of how you are
serving God, taking those gospel art that commercialize their work for
God as an example?
Ans: Remember the bible said
we should seek first the kingdom of God and every other things shall be
added Including Money, all we need is to focus on the souls not the
money, knowing that you will be bless.
There is difference between being Rich and being Blessed.
Q: I’d like you telling us the difference in between that?
A Blessed man is blessed so as to be a blessing, that means you
ministered to heal the people of God like miracles through your
singing… that is why the bible like to say “BLESSED are you not
RICHEST are you”
If you are blessed spiritually you can deliver a rich man, So riches is hiding in blessing.
How will you compare the old ways and the new manner in which an
average church singers turns into Big and award-winning singer like you?
To my knowledge I am still a humble worshipper who sees the awards as a
new level and the ways of God to say well done my son. 
you are faithful in little(average) their are still more you will gain
because in that old ways there is actually new level in it so far you
are faithful in it.
But I am still looking at the incorruptible crown awaiting me in heaven. 
So i see it as privileged not a right to win many awards.
Q: Is the church orientation and timely guide still intact between or missing from your own point of view?
Ans: The guide is till there nothing change, Just that more advancement come as I dedicate more
What is the philosophy on which your singing ministry is based and what
effort are you putting in place to keep it inspiring and blessing your
Ans: I have no other effort than to
make sure  the word of God is richly in me and make sure I pray more for
his grace and anointing to write a song to inspire and bless his people
through his word,
I also put more effort in prayers and his words as a standard for the Lord.
Q: Can you take us through your family life and settings?
Ans: I am from a small family of five (5)
Q: Are you married?
Ans: Not yet but soon by His Grace.
Q: So how have you been coping with female advances, with the fact that you still single?
Ans: I’m not single, I am engaged by the grace of God.
Q: In Nigeria, what is the name of your church?
Ans: Gospel faith mission international (GOFAMINT).
Q: What is your relationship with home based artist (Nigeria gospel singers)?
Ans: It is OK, and awesome.
Q: Have you ever worked with either popular or upcoming artist in Nigeria?
Ans: Yes, I have worked with Mike Abdul, and we will release a song in no distant time. 
also shared stage with a lot of established and upcoming Gospel artist
from Nigeria; the likes of Samsung, King Sunny Ade, Tosin bee, Tope
Alabi and so on.
Q: What about South Africa artists?
Ans: Benjamin dube, s’fiso nwane, Thina Zungu.
Q: Is it your own David Dayo that featured in a song by an upcoming artist Deybor titled “Oga sir” ?
Ans: yes I am the one.
Q: Did you run any Christ oriented label?
Ans: yes yes yes! I have my label named praise altar chapter.

Q: How many songs or albums do you have till date?
Ans: Two (2).
 Q; Can you tell us your experience during the Xenophobic attack in South African?
Ans; It was a very bad one… but i thank God we are safe
Q; Comparing Nigeria culture which one do you think is the best or which one do you like most?
Ans; I think both, the two country is from God
Q: kindly greet your fans here in Nigeria and South Africa..
I wanna say this to all listeners and viewers of BenmagRadio that they should keep
on listening and following benmag radio, and greetings to all my fans in Nigeria
and all over the world. 
David Dayo is a Nigeria born South Africa based international gospel art.
He is a graduate of The Polytechnic Ibadan and was born in a family of five.
He was a worship leader at GOFAMINT before he left the shore of the country.

is the first African singer to win HOLLYWOOD Music Awards twice
consecutively years in Contemporary Christian/Gospel categories.

He won best Contemporary song of year 2013 at SABC CROWN AWARD, 
In 2014, he was nominated for Best R$B and also Best praise Album, Best Africa Artist in 2013. 

In 2014 he was also nominated for Best International song and Best international Male Artist, at AGMA Italy. 
also nominated at the AGMA UK as the Best Southern Africa Artist, while
also been the first black Africa Artist to be nominated at the
Hollywood music awards and won the Best Contemporary Christian song
2014, 2015, 

More so, He was nominated at the Mzansi Gospel awards as the best Africa Artist, South Africa. 

He won the Hollywood music in media Contemporary  Christian Gospel song
in 2015, which make it his twice consecutive year Hollywood awards
winning 2014/2015.

David is not only a talented artiste; he is also a Motivational Speaker who speaks from the soul.
Speaking to youth communities and institutions, David has become a household name in South Africa. 

has shared the stage with renowned gospel artistes like Kirk Franklin
(USA), Benjamin Dube (SOUTH AFRICA), Kgosto (SOUTH AFRICA), S’fiso Nwane
(SOUTH AFRICA), Bhabha (Zimbabwe), Worship House (SOUTH AFRICA), Bishop
Joseph Garlington (Pittsburgh, USA), King Sunny Ade (Nigeria), Mike
Abdul (Nigeria), Uwaje (Lagos), Samsung (Nigeria), Tope Alabi (Nigeria),
Chioma Jesus (Nigeria), and lots of others both in Nigeria and across
the world.


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