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There is a
great Joy in Heaven when you see someone who is actively involved in
the things of the world but got arrested by Him and surrender himself To
This best described the situation of a vibrant secular artist but now burning with passion for the things of christ.
Adeyinka a.k.a “HEF” was on the hotseat with BenmagRadio few days ago
and gave an inspiring testimony on how he got arrested by Christ…
BenmagRadio; Can we meet you Man of God?
HEF: Yes! Well, my name is Awolola Adeyinka Francis popularly known as Hef. 
a 400l student studying fine and applied arts in Ladoke akintola
university of technology ogbomoso. Am a music producer and artiste.
Christian music to be precise.
BenmagRadio; Which state are you from
HEF: Am from ogbomoso north Oyo state Nigeria.
BenmagRadio; How did you discover you have the talent to do music?
Wow! I must say it’s natural, but everyone needs a push to discover
themselves. I mean,  you need to work in line with what God wants you to
do before you can manifest in that field.
So I’ll say I found Music in Me to the glory of God.
BenmagRadio: Can you Tell us brief story of how you start your music career?

HEF: I started off with the love of music in my heart as a kid, I always wanted to be where music is being held or performed. 
I joined the choir later and I had to learn how to play the bass guitar
and the keyboard too, i later discovered my vocal skill and worked on
it too.
So I moved on to producing songs and vocal
mixing and mastering too. But I must confess it has been God who’s
always there to guide despite the fact that I was a sinner and didn’t
even regard Him that much as at then.

BenmagRadio: Now please tell us, what does Hef mean? Is it a nickname, a stage name or what?
HEF: Oh that! I had two friends then with whom we went to music shows together and sometimes hired as instrumentalists. 
we always wanted to perform our musical pieces and solos as an
instrumentation so we just came of with the first letters of our names
on a particular day when we were challenged with what name we will be
introduced as. 
So we came up with “T.F.T” as in
“Tee-Hef-Tee” instrumentals. Each representing the first letters of our
names. So people call me that when they like.
BenmagRadio: So basically Hef is Francis. If am not mistaking?
HEF: You can say that again! I mean, absolutely!
BenmagRadio: Am just curious about something. 
you started singing in the choir and then you became a producer. So
what happened? Or let me say how did HipHop get into the scene?
Actually I had to learn music production from here and there and most
of the songs I had to produce then was the secular or stereotypical
types of hip hop due to my friends and I was also thinking of what the
public would want since “I was just a church goer not a christian” if
you would permit me to use it that way.
BenmagRadio: Lets just say Influence sir?
Influence it is… but as the bible says all things work together for
our good, I think those times worked for the manifestation of now.
And am glad I don’t have to be a robot anymore.
Robot meaning one who obeys the commands or will and lusts of the flesh.

Basically you are into music based on d foundation of sinful model
(HipPop), but u are now a gospel artist, how did u got arrested by God
to comeback to his vineyard?
HEF: Firstly I’d love to say hip hop is not a sin but a genre and combinations of a typical type of sounds. 
It’s what we use it for that determines what influences it will have.
BenmagRadio: So how did you got arrested to serve God?
My come back is indeed a long story. There was a night after taking my
Indian hemp as I would. I went on with my friends to sleep talking about
pastor, calling and e.t.c. 
I went to bed with the
conclusion that I can never be called by God. Not too long I woke up
with a feeling like I was really burning in hell like rapture had taken
It was so real that I was shouting. I was
feeling pains and was tremendously afraid! I woke the whole house up in
the middle of the night and started confessing my sins. I did that
hoping that God would forgive me and help me. 
Indeed it is a long story, I slept later still feeling the burns. 
I went through a lot but with the help of God I overcame and am growing in faith to the glory of God.  
I can’t say all today. Let’s leave the rest of the salvation story to another time, but that’s like the overview of the story.


BenmagRadio: Really thank God for your life sir, this is inspiring
HEF: Halleluyah!

BenmagRadio: So was it like you have a record label?
HEF: Not really but I was doing fine producing my own songs and for my clients too.

BenmagRadio: So what will happen to the songs you have produced, the one you sing and your list of clients?
HEF: Or what has happened (laughs)
bible made it clear that if any man be in Christ Jesus he is a new
creature and Old things are passed away, that means totally dead. 
had to go public with my faith through testimonies and so most of those
I call friends left and spread the news of my faith all over town and
that I now produce only gospel music which was actually the talk of town
as at then. 
Most of them just stopped coming around
and I preached to the ones I could and some gave their lives to Christ
to the glory of God. Some even changed by just seeing me alone! 
As per the songs, I had to delete the ones that I’ve not released and look on to the brightest future.
BenmagRadio: To God be the Glory! This is awesome
May God continue to bless your ministry

HEF: Amen hallelujah!
Sometimes I feel like crying out of remorse and regrets.
BenmagRadio: You have no course for regret sir.
We have seen people with worse stories emerge and today they are strong!
HEF: Yeah, Thanks so much sir
BenmagRadio: So what has been the reaction from your friends with your new found faith?
Well some left, some stayed for a while and left, some come and go,
some stayed and some just wanna work with me by all means but are not
ready to do gospel music. 
But I talk to those that I
can. And tell them about Christ too and how He has helped me though i
still have a whole great world to cover.
BenmagRadio: That’s it.. Its all about you and Christ
So How well has the Christian brethren accepted you to the fold of Christ knowing who you are before and your antecedents?
HEF: I must say they’ve been really helpful. My family especially and some good people of God too. 
Although it’s a lonely journey but it’s worth it! And I hope and pray for more grace from the Almighty God.
BenmagRadio: Nice one sir
BenmagRadio: So sir.. The name “Hef Olu Beat” has been long identified for hip hop. 
Would you consider changing the name so far you are into gospel music now?
I would never change my name, I can only add. But Hef olu beat is Hef
olu beat.  That the world may know that I’m now changed. By God’s grace
am no longer shy I’ve overcome that to the glory of God.
BenmagRadio: Can you describe your parent pulse when you were into secular and now that u are doing gospel?
My parents didn’t wanna accept the hip hop secular music especially my
mum. But she had to overlook it and hope that I would change. But my
conversion was great news to them and they appreciated and are still
appreciating God for it.
Even my dad now promotes my song on his Facebook and whatsapp page.
BenmagRadio: On a final note, is “Ide mi Ja” your debut single as a gospel artist?
HEF: yes it is to the glory of God.

BenmagRadio: What should people be looking forward to again from you?
HEF: More singles, an Extended play in July by God’s grace and a gospel hip hop concert if God tarry.
On behalf of BenmagRadio, we thank you for taking your time to be on our
hot seat tonight….we promise you our unflinching support in the
journey on the way of Christ.

HEF: I’d love to thank all BenmagRadio crew. Am really pleased and blessed to be with you all.‎


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