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When they say, “Give and you shall receive”, it’s not only about
sowing seeds and charitable deeds. It’s logical to know that when you
hold on to something tight-fistedly, there won’t be much space left to
take more. So, what’s Same OG giving out in GIVE IT ALL?

Having recently dropped I BALL that
got us all BALLING, This new song; GIVE IT ALL, further shows another
dimension to Same OG’s prowess. She features fast-rising rapper
Limoblaze who also produced this masterpiece; and this beautiful rap
song captures Jesus’ expression when He said, “Exchange your burden for
my yoke and find rest, for my burden is light”, He means to trade your
ALL with His.

It’s the second single off her forthcoming Music Project which would be released in a moment.

After hearing this, you will salivate and anticipate the FULL PROJECT
from this Female Soldier. Reggae Rap with a Soulful sound and the
energetic delivery? You will end up Giving It ALL after you hear this

And for the PROJECT that Same OG will be dropping in a moment, will
it be an EP, LP, ALBUM or A DOUBLE ALBUM?? Hmmm….. We all can’t wait.
Enjoy while you keep watching out for the FULL PROJECT from Same OG,
coming to you in a moment.



Same OG is a multi-talented female artist. This
Singer, Rapper, Song Writer, Blogger and Counsellor hails from the southern
part of Nigeria.
She has a passion for creating
and curating contents that Inspires and positively motivate her
listeners/readers and this can be seen in her songs and her posts on her
In her words, – As a lady,
hearing and reading about issues especially in form of music from a woman’s
perspective, carries a lot more impact than from a man’s perspective. I believe
that a diverse audience deserves a diverse representation of artists and messages, and since Same OG is all about diversity,
professionalism and Inspiration, I long to reach out to the majority through
good music and contents .”
She is one artist who serves music you can’t stop
listening to. Keep watching out for her.


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