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Bola Are Celebrate 39th years Anniversary of BABA KU’SE in Glitz&Glamour,See Pictures


“Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal. Give thanks to the. Greatest of all gods; his love is eternal.” (Psalm 136 vs 1-2)
The event which was held on Sunday 28th of August 2016 at CAC Ogo Oluwani beside Airport Quarters, Ibadan was celebrated in glitz&glamour with the attendants giving testimonies to what God has done in their life through the ministry of Mama Bola Are,

The testifiers started when a woman who was barren for 27years but had her sorrow turn to joy through the ministry of the woman of grace after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy and likewise an adopted son of Mama Bola Are who had only #2,500 in his pocket after getting married but now a multi millionaire through tapping from Gods grace in Mama Bola Are life.
The high point of the event was when Evang Bola Are told the crowd to make a joyful noise after blowing a prophetic horn she brought from Israel as mandated by God in a significance to what the Israelites did during the days of Joshua to destroy the”Wall of Jericho.”

Other highlights of the event include Song ministration by Yetunde Are, Bose Adeiwa, Sade Taiwo, a host of graduands from Mama Bola Are Music School and as well the Alfa Sule Crew who held the crowd spellbound with their cameo appearance while Mc’Obama keep dishing out rib cracking jokes to make the anniversary an eventful one.

Pictures Speak;

Yetunde Are Worshiping God With Mana

Mama First Dauther Yetunde Are

Mama In Dancing Mood

Mama With Ayo Ajewole(Woli Agba)

Guest Artist

Brief History Of “BABA KU’SE” Song

One Morning, I was going to office Tewogbade & Sons Ltd. In the middle of the road, close to Baba Awolowo house to Odusote bookshop God said “Stop!” and I obeyed.
I heard a voice sounding as musical instrument from heaven like gunshot, I stood still and I started shivering and He said (Lord) “Fear Not, I want to teach you a song” and I heard the song “Baba Ku’se oo Baba, as you heard it in the song if you have listen to it, then, He(Lord) said I can go, and I should tell Moji and Grace my friends what I saw and as well tell them to come and see me in my house at Agbokojo by 4:00pm.

I asked God what they should come for, He said He would tell me by 4:00pm. I then crossed to enter taxi to Felele, as I dropped in front of the now Mr Biggs. Like 3 pole to Tewogbade’s house, God now asked me of the song he taught me, I started crying because I’ve forgotten, there was no book nor tape to write or record it, there was no money even to buy the tape.

When I got to the office my boss saw that my face was bitter and I couldn’t explain what happen to me, Mr Salam and Mr Jibola were both Muslims, but like Jesus Christ in me, they said “Bola go to Church and pray cos they something has happen to you”, I started weeping and saw Baba Kehinde of C.A.C Oke Iranti, I told him what happen that I couldn’t remember the song I was taught by the Lord, Baba Said to me “You will fast for 3moth before you will be taught again.

As it was exactly 3months Baba Kehinde now told me to go inside and pray, not up to 30 minutes that I started praying that the song was played into my hearing with full instruments, that was how I received the song back, I started writing it down immediately.

This is exactly the beginning of “BABA KU’SE” song.

Evang. Dr. Bola Are in Spirit

Dr Bola Are Worshiping God With Good Women

This scriptural verses above ultimately describe the atmosphere at the 39th year anniversary of Evang (Dr) Bola Are first album and most popular song “BABA KU’SE”


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