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(Event) Evang. Dr. Bola Are Celebrates 39 Years Of “BABA KU’SE” Aug 28th 2016


Evangelist Dr. Bola Are declares Unlimited Praise 2016 to celebrate the most popular ancient song of hers which actually was given to her by God 39 years ago in Ibadan City, according to the ace Gospel singer, Unlimited Praise is planned to give God all Glory for what He has done in the past and now and it was God’s direction to showcase the God given program.

DATE: Sunday 28th of August 2016

VENUE: No 1-6, Bola Are Street, Ogbere Idi-Obi beside Airport Quarters, Ibadan.


Ministring: Evang. Dr. Bola Are & other Anointed Music Ministers Of God .

Brief History Of “BABA KU’SE” Song

One Morning, I was going to office Tewogbade & Sons Ltd. In the
middle of the road, close to Baba Awolowo house to Odusote bookshop God said “Stop!”
and I obeyed. I heard a voice sounding as musical instrument from heaven like
gunshot, I stood still and I started shivering and He said (Lord) “Fear Not, I want
to teach you a song” and I heard the song “Baba Ku’se oo Baba, as you heard it
i8n the song if you have listen to it, then, He(Lord) said I can go, and I should
tell Moji and Grace my friends that I saw to come and see me in my house at
Agbokojo by 4:00pm.

I asked God what they should come for, He said He would
tell me by 4:00pm. I then crossed to enter taxi to Felele, as I dropped in front
of the now Mr Biggs. Like 3 pole to Tewogbade’s house, God now asked me of the
song he taught me, I started crying because I’ve forgotten, there was no book
nor tape to write or record it, there was no money even to buy the tape.

When I got to the office my boss saw that my face was bitter and I couldn’t
explain what happen to me , Mr Salam and Mr Jibola were both Muslims, but like
Jesus Christ in me, they said “Bola go to Church and pray cos they something
has happen to you”, I started weeping and saw Baba Kehinde of C.A.C Oke Iranti,
I told him what happen that I couldn’t remember the song I was taught by the
Lord, Baba Said to me “You will fast for 3moth before you will be taught again.
As it was exactly 3monnth Baba Kehinde now told me to go inside and
pray, not up to 30 minutes that I started praying that the song  was played into my hearing with full
instruments, that was how I received the song back, I started writing it down
This is exactly the beginning of “BABA KU’SE” song.


Dr. Bola Are was born on the 1st of October 1954 into the family of Elder &
Mrs. T. A. Babayomi hailed from Erio in Ekiti State Nigeria. She attended C.A.C
Primary School in Erio Ekiti and her Secondary School at C.A.C Grammar School
Efon Alaaye (Caposto). She also studied Accounting at Ibadan Polytechnic. She
obtained her Doctorate degree in Music in July 1985 at St. John’s University,
Missouri U.S.A. Bola was gifted and brilliant. She started singing from the age
of two and the power of God was greatly upon her even from the incipient stage
of her life. She was brought up by four major prophets in Christ Apostolic
Church – Apostle Ayodele Babalola, Prophet Babajide, Prophet Akande and Prophet
T.O. Obadare. She spent most of her youthful time on the mountain and got her
inspiration directly from the Holy Spirit. She founded Bola & Her Spiritual
Singers in 1973 and produced her 1st musical album in August 1977 titled “Baba
Kuse.” She had seventy albums to her credit till date. She got married in
1977 to Pastor J.O. Are, a banker by profession and a native of Owo in Ondo
State who was later called into glory.
She is blessed with Children. Glory be to God in the
highest, Bola Are had taken gospel across the world through her singing
ministry. Like the wise servant who was given five talents and utilized them,
she had expanded her music ministry in different fields.
Dr. Bola Are founded her Spiritual Covenant Gospel Singers in July 1973 in
C.A.C. Olugbode Odo-Ona, Ibadan. This group was the foundation of all Bola Are
Gospel Music Ministries International today, which is called Bola Are
Evangelical World Outreach Ministry International. Not until nowadays, it is
unusual for an artiste to have personal Record Label Company. Okiki Jesu Record
Label company was founded and registered in 1979 by Bola Are.
Except for the first & second album titled ‘Baba Kuse’ and ‘Jesu Jinde’
which were released under ‘Iroyin Ayo’ Records in Ibadan, up till today, all
Bola Are albums were released under Okiki Jesu Record Label International. To
the glory of God, 70 OJLP albums had been produced in the company till date.
Bola Are School of Gospel Music International was founded on July 7th, 1990 to lead
gospel musicians in the way of the Lord. The school is currently located at
C.A.C Agbala Oluwa, Bola Are Street, Ogbere Idi-Obi, Beside Airport Quarters,
Ibadan, Evangelist Dr. Bola Are founded a charity organization called Bola Are
Gospel Foundation International to cater for the needs of less privileged in
Nigeria in the year 1995. Evangelist Dr. Bola Are clocks 40 years on stage in
October 5th 2013

Are & her Spiritual Covenant Gospel Singers Int’l
– Bola Are Evangelical World Outreach Ministry
– Bola Are Gospel Foundation Int’l.
– Bola Are Recording Studio Int’l.
– Bola Are Super Mart Int’l.
– Bola Are School of Gospel Music Int’l.
– Bola Are Okiki Jesu Records Int’l.


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