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(New Music) For Signs and Wonders (Audio + Lyrics) – Ibukunoluwa @ibksingz @247gvibes

IbukunOluwa steps into the ‘mindustry’ with his first official single titled ‘For Signs And For Wonders’.
song was given to me from heaven to serve as an instrument of intense
and expressional praise for any believer who listens to it. It was
written and composed for the 9th anniversary of Kingdom Life Church,
Ibadan while I was still the Music director of Live Voices and ever
since the song was first ministered, there was a strong knowing that it
will always fly back with the speed of light to the One who gave it in
the first place.
song was produced by the only producer in the world who understands my
musical mind and always makes sure it is exactly what I want that he
does in person of Opelopeoluwa Victor Olayokun popularly known as
I desire that who ever listens to this song will without second thoughts shouts, dances and sings joyously to praise God.
recording this song, I could see millions of people using this song as
an instrument of praise even outside it’s territory.” – IbukunOluwa.
Download, get blessed and remember to share! It’s JESUS PARTY!
James, Emmanuel IbukunOluwa, hails from Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.
studied Music Technology at The Polytechnic of Ibadan, He is a
multi-talented musician who from childhood has been a constant and
dedicated lead singer of the children’s department of his parent’s
church but started his music carrier professionally over a decade ago as
a professional worship leader, experienced music director, vocal coach,
music teacher, a performer, composer (who also writes and compose songs
for live events), a sound reinforcement engineer and The visionary of
Creatures Of Worship Ministry to mention a few.
Godu o
Wetin I for do
For all You’ve done for me
For all You’ve done for me
If not for You
Where will I be e e e
My love for you
I no go die lie lie
For signs and for wonders
Is what You have made me
And now You display me
In beauty and splendor
Emi yo ma a polongo
Hun o ma a pariwo
Hun o ma yin o o
Hun o ma yin o o
I will shout, dance, sing
Praise Your name
Praise Your name
Praise Your name
I am for signs and wonders, wonders, wonders
I am for beauty and splendor, splendor, splendor
I will shout, dance, sing
Praise Your name


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