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PODCAST; Oyel & Worshipo By Ben-Peletu(OAP)


Little words can mean a lot. They can make the difference between good
and evil, between heaven and hell. In this case, a right understanding
of a single word is the only thing that prevents an act of worship from
degenerating into a colossal insult to God. It’s the word “for.”
 Zec 4:14 So he said, “These are the two who are anointed to serve the
Lord of all the earth.”

To lead worship in any church is one of the most difficult things to do,
because not only do we have a responsibility to the church and church
leadership to carry out the duties involved, but we have a greater
responsibility before the Lord as we lead people into his presence
through music and song. The verse from Zechariah is an interesting one
because the translation and meaning of the word anointed means “shining
The question of anointing in worship to some people can be answered in
this way, you either have it or you don’t! And sometimes anointing comes
upon somebody when they haven’t realised it, but members of their
congregation have. But let’s go back to our question of anointing in
worship and in particular for worship leaders. I fervently believe that
in today’s church worship Leaders need to seek the anointing of God on
their ministry, and to be as it were “shining ones” for the Lord.




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