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New Music: Fix Me – Mista Fave | @mistafave @grandmince

“Ekele” crooner is back with a new song titled “Fix Me”. Carefully
produced by the northern best producer, Timi Toba comes forth this
spirit filled rock tune that reminds us that we are better of in God’s
to my friend Tracy brought the inspiration to this song. We talked
about life issues in general and how we all need fixing. No matter how
excellently well we all think we live our lives and how prepared we all
seem to be, we still need fixing for our home on high, for the starry
crown that awaits us, for the higher ground up above. So after all said
and done, we must come back to the potter’s house to be broken and
remade again. Fix us Lord and make us just like you. Fix me Jesus, Fix
me!” – Mista Fave.
Mista fave is a lover of good music and very flexible with
good sound and write songs with trending beats so long as it lifts up the
praise of the most high. You can call him the church boy that uses his music
style to remind people that they need to retract their steps to the creator. He
believes in originality that portraits how blessed God can endow someone.

He is a graduate of sociology from Imo State University, did
his Masters in BUK, Kano and has been chasing career path in the
telecommunications. He is a music director and understands music especially
when it has to do with notes and tunes. He is a member of living faith church
and belongs to a provincial choir in the northern part of Nigeria.
He mentors folks who are genuinely interested in good
trending gospel songs and has a flair for creativity. He is currently working
with the best producer in northern Nigeria, T-one to release songs that would
blow you away in the praise of Jehovah.
You can reach him via Facebook on @mistaFAVE, instagram @mistafave
and twitter via @ mistafave. Find out more when u hook up. Stay blessed.



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