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You Too Much By Nicanor


Nicanor is back!

This brother touches genres of music that you wouldn’t expect and he
does it so well. This time, “Excellent” is not enough adjective to
qualify what he did on this new single titled YOU TOO MUCH.

His first single, “A PATH TO YOUR TRUTH” was Country Music, and this
is his third single from his forthcoming album. After the release of his
second single, “NO ME WITHOUT YAHWEH”, earlier in the year, it has been
series of personal encounters with God which led Nicanor, a born-again,
spirit-filled, tongue-talking Christian, serving his Master Jesus and
His body in Beautiful Ministries International.

The song, “YOU TOO MUCH” tells a story of how Jesus transforms one
from nothing to something. It’s a celebration of a changed life for the
better. It feels like a jamboree, a carnival, the loud welcoming of
saints into God’s everlasting enjoyment.



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