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(New Music) Peace Nigeria By LivingStone|| @abylivingstone

Nigeria This is a song of prophecy and declaration of God’s word over our
nation. We have suffered a lot as a result of our ethnic and religious
differences. But God’s will for us is to live in peace and harmony. No matter
our differences , we need each other to survive. God has put us together so we
must unite as one and be one another’s keeper. That way we are sure of security
and progress. Love, peace and harmony will be our lot. No matter our struggle,
united we stand and conquer. God bless Nigeria. PEACE!

Meet Abigail Sanusi (Living Stone). Abigail is the leader of Living Stone Music
Ministry. She’s an anointed music minister with complete love for God and ever
increasing desire for His presence. She’s a Praise and Worship leader with a
unique style of excellence and Grace.
A Songwriter, Singer and Performer. She draws her inspiration directly from the
Holy Spirit and the word.
Since she discovered herself in September 1993 in the music ministry, she has
been involved passionately in gospel music.
Many times head of church choirs and music  teams.  She ministers in
churches, crusades and concerts…
She’s currently in Ede and Ministers with the Living Faith Church Choir and her
music team. She has a burning passion to raise, train and develop worship
ministers with great anointing.
With Livingstone, singing the Lord’s song is Life and fulfillment.  She
has released two Audio Albums and one Video Album, Her current album titled
“You are Great” is a hit that draws God’s Presence down in overflowing measure.


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