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(Article): When Will You Discover Who You Are By Philipage. ||@philipage


Artiste coach, music minister and music producer PHILIPAGE share a post on his WhatsApp handle today and we found it to be a great exposition of the word of God and an eye opener to who you should be in the coming year.


Yesterday, the Spirit of the Lord brought this thought to my heart about the word GIFT .

As I began to think through the mind of the spirit, suddenly, there was a _knowness!_

There are three types of people on the earth.

Type The Gited Hands: These guys give value and beauty to the society through their various gifts.

Type 2The Ministry Gifts: These guys are unique and they operate in just 5 offices as a gift to the world. They’re gifts to their world by predestined order.

Type 3  They are the Observers and Cheerers. They *look, talk, gossip, cheer up, copy, and they wish, argue* about men and women who are using their gifts!

So, wait a minute, where do you belong

Time is ticking When will you discover who you are?

What gift (grace/graces) has God given you?

A man’s gift makes way for him to stand before great men in life. God has made a way in your gift.

Remember, what you have and what you can do doesn’t add anything to you! But when all is said and done, who you truly are is what remains

2017 is your year of supernatural exploit!

Pray more

Think more

Believe more

Love more

Seek for light more!

I wish you a wonderful season of favour and peace all around you.

Compliments of the season from Philipage


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