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NEW MUSIC: Oluwalonibisi – Bayede Nkosi (Ft Ibk) | FREE Download | @oluwalonibc|| @ibk_theoffspring

lot happened in many Nations this year. Changes in unusual places that
shock the seemly stable men all these hit us with the timeless truth –
Only God is stable and Changeless. He is the Majesty that rules in all
nations. Oluwalonibisi’s heart long to sing a sincere and real song of
worship to God and he was blessed to receive this song, Bayede Nkosi.
I entered into the bathroom that beautiful day, the Holy Spirit helped
to birth the song. It took us time to learn and record the right
pronunciation of the words. My producer IBK can testify to that.
is not pronounced as it is spelt. (You can hear the right pronunciation
in the song). Bayede Nkosi are Zulu words used to praise a king. They
can be used to substitute any praise word and might as well mean, your
majesty, king! We trust God that as you hear this song you will
experience His majesty and be lost in deep adoration for Jesus.
is a young man with a passion to touch lives. He does so through music,
write-ups and his involvement in youth development /mentoring. His
passion for wholesome and quality music to glorify God has taken him to
various parts of Nigeria. He is a praise/worship leader with a blazing
passion to see people experience the manifest presence of God
perpetually and experience God’s glory whenever and wherever we worship
and praise Him.  Oluwalonibisi has featured in a few album projects and
he has been blessed with two albums in the Gospel music industry titled “Come To Me ” and “Hymns To Him.”.


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