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New Music: Titi Lailai – Jane | @Janetbussyjay @Dkrieton @Pricherman116


Titi Lailai’is a song that reflects on the Eternal being that God is, being the beginning and the end of all things and evaluates His goodness in all ways.

It’s a song of worship that will keep your mouth busy, speaking of the glory of God in total admiration.
Produced by the amazing D. Krieton, “Titi Lailai” has been built around such sweet simple tone you cannot easily forget.
Download, listen and be blessed!
About Jane:
Janet Oluwabusayo Akande, answering to the stage name ‘Jane’, is a native of Ayetoro, Yewa North, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Jane is a born-singer, songwriter and a teacher.
She is passionate about being a blessing to the Church at large through her songs.
She is the leader of the worship team, God’s Favorite House, presently based in Agbado, Lagos State, Nigeria.
A graduate of Animal Psysiology from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, Jane is currently serving her compulsory one year National Youth Service term.
The song, “Titi Lailai” is her debut single
You can also download Titi Lailai via Spiricoco.com
Titi lailai le maa wa
Titi lailai le ti wa o
Titi lailai le maa wa
Because it’s You
Titi lailai lee ma wa
Titi lailai lee ti wa o
Lailai lee ma wa
Because it’s You
Titi lailai le o wa
Titi lailai lee ti wa o
Titi lailai lee ma wa
Because it’s  you
Titi lailai le o wa
Titi lailai lee ti wa o
Titi lailai lee ma wa
Lord, you reign
Lead: Oh! You are good
Res:   Yes! You are good
Lead: You are kind
Res:   Yes! You are kind
Lead: You are everything to me 
Res:   Titi lailai
Lead: You are Holy
Res:   Yes! You are Holy
Lead: And so Worthy 
Res:   And so Worthy
Lead: You are the Almighty God
Res:   Titi lailai
Lead: I know You are Awesome
Res:  Lord you are awesome, yeah. 
Lead: It’s true you are Faithful
Res:   True, so faithful to me, God. 
Lead: So Glorious in beauty
Res:   Titi lailai
Lead: You are Able
Res:   Yes! You are Able
Lead: You’re the Healer
Res:   You are my Healer ain’t got nobody! 
Lead: There is nothing too hard for you to do
Res:  Titi lailai
(Repeat Chorus)
Ako da, Ase da, Awe da
Oba lana, Oba loni, Oba titi ayeraye 
Arugbo, Arugbo Ojo o, the Ancient of days
Talo to o, Ta lo ju o lo, Ta la le fi o we e
Lead: I know you are God
Res:   Yes! You  are God
Lead: And Lord, You are King
Res:   Yes! You are King O God, yeah! 
Lead:  You are so merciful to me
Res:    Titi lailai
Lead: Oh! Lord You are Gracious
Res:   Yes! You are Gracious
Lead: And You are Plentous
Res:   You reach out to meet my needs, yeah! 
Lead: And you are righteous
Res:  Titi lailai


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