One of the most amazing stories in the bible is the story of Joseph. His story is an inspiring story of how God can transform a mans life from grass to grace and from rags to riches. We have listened to alot of messages and we have seen alot of prayer points from the story of Joseph so what am sharing might not really be new but see it as a point of emphasis that God wants to talk about.
What distinguished Joseph was the grace of God. God was with him, he knew it and he walked with it. But at a certain time Joseph tried to use the connection of man and that was the only time his attempt failed. I know that we all know the story so i will pick the part am talking about.
Joseph was in prison because of what happened between him and Portiphar’s wife and with him in the prison was Pharoah’s Chief Butler and Chief Baker. They both had a dream and as such Joseph interpreted the dream for them.
Now Joseph told the Chief Butler after he interpreted his dream that he should not forget him, see that in Genesis 40:14
“But think of me when it shall be well with you and show kindness, I beg of you, to me, and mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of this house.”
As humans its normal to say this, it is very normal to think that something is close and its could be easy to use. That was what happened there Joseph was begging the Butler to show him kindness. A man who begging another man to show him kindness.
And indeed things happened as Joseph interpreted the dreams, Butler was reinstated and Baker was beheaded. Immediately Butler got back to office, we would have thought that it was normal for him to remember that his dream came to pass and it was someone that interpreted it. Maybe he even remembered but this is what the bible said in Genesis 40:23 “But [even after all that] the chief butler gave no thought to Joseph, but forgot [all about] him.”
The Butler forgot that someone ever existed named Joseph. Now this is my emphasis, the only time Joseph attempted to use a man, he failed.
So how many of us are like this? You see the truth is there is no link outside the link of God, because God is not a man and his words must surely come to pass and what made it so real is the fact that as christians we have access to God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
And the bible said in proverbs 21:1 “THE KING’S heart is in the hand of the Lord, as are the watercourses; He turns it whichever way He wills.”
The point is that we are children of God and the heart of kings are in the heart of the Lord, see that verse even said that God turn the heart of kings whichever way he wills. King! Kings! not just ordinary men, meaning that we do not need to struggle with anything in life, we should just go to the Lord in prayers and that settles it, now what even makes it more interesting is the fact that it is the heart of kings the bible mentioned not ordinary or anyhow person.
But we need to understand that the heart of kings was used in that verse because  then Kings are the rulers and they make decisions regardless of anybody’s views. So literarily kings were mentioned but it refers to anybody, it only talks about anybody in a decision making position that could affect anybody’s life or destiny.
So only God should be our focus when we are in need, and Him alone should we pray to, but this does mean that we should not have a good working relationship with people around us because God will bless you through men but then the focus is God and it should be God alone… God bless you… See you at the top.


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