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Mike Abdul – Intentional Fuji [@Mikeabdulng .

Off the still trending GrateFul EP, Mike Abdul releases the hottest track titled INTENTIONAL FUJI,  

He dropped this Grateful Track on his 40th birthday to show how grateful he is to GOD for making him to see another graceful  year, 

We know Mike Abdul for being a Gospel Fuji Artist, so be rest assured that this is gonna be more than you hope for.

Speaking on the song;

INTENTIONAL FUJI by Mike Abdul is probably my last fuji song. so i thought to really make it intentional. 

Had to combine three different songs to make it happen and Quickly ran to the evergreen and impossible WOLE ONI to find interpretation to my last crase. 

The groove tire me so i thOught to stop listening by myself and share my joy with you. 

By the way, we need to develop the Sko-Sko-La-La Dance in the song. 
Please send your ideas tospaghettinaija@gmail.com ASAP so we shoot a befitting video. 

Download INTENTIONAL FUJI by Mike Abdul here:


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