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(Article) : “Who Is A Music Minister” by Emmanuel Aboluwade


Being the text of lecture deliv

ered by Bro Emmanuel Aboluwade the CEO of ARMP Studio, to the MEGA MASS CHOIR for JESUS DINNER 2017 under the auspices of BENMAGRADIO.


Without much ado after thorough search through to get a well structured definition for this term, i came up with one and that is “A music minister is one who is sold out to God to reconcile men to God.”

One of the purpose God created men is for his pleasure and that means you minister to God, to people and you are also ministered unto but all of these can only be pleasing to God if done in faith ( Hebrews 11:6), anything done without faith is sin.

Faith is the only way we please God, So a music minister is one who is sold out to God; now that’s faith.

To be in faith is to be in the spirit, and the spirit realm is the only realm you can operate with the father.

Now we must be mindful of these things; “you, God and sons of men”.
God has sent his son to commission us into the ministry of reconciliation, and now as music ministers Our reconciliation is of the descendants of levi(Levite’s) next to the priests (Chronicles 9&16).

We communicate words in psalms, spiritual songs and hymns.

Features To Look Out For In A Music Minister..

(1) He/she should be born of faith (Hebrews 11:6).
This means you must be a believer, at this juncture if you are not a believer you must come to that point where you surrender it all to God and let God take charge of your life, and if you feel you have derailed from the will of God its time to rededicate your life to God.

(2) Fellowships/Relationship with the father (1john 4:24-26).

God desire that we fellowship with him, Relate with him, like he did with adam and all the men of faith recorded in the scriptures and till now.

If you don’t have a relationship yet with the father i plead with you that God wants to have a cordial relationship with you, He wants to accomplish great things through you.

(3) He/She is a doer of God’s word (James:22-25).
Speak and do the mind&will of God always.

Its not enough to hear Gods word time to time without acting on it.
If you are the type that doesn’t give to Gods word its time to turn a new leaf, Renew your mind with Gods word time to time (Joshua 1:8).

(4) He/She prays (1thess 5:17)
Prayer is essential in the life of a believer, that it cannot be over emphasized, Jesus Christ was a prayer warrior, he prayed till his sweat was coming as a drop of blood.
He encouraged us to pray.

Men ought to pray and not faint, Prayer is the place of power, Place of dialogue with the father, Place of making request known and place to receive answers, Place of petition and Place of defense.

Music ministers nowadays are so much in a hurry/haste to do the act/minister rather than equipping themselves with the arsenal of faith.
The vessel is empty, so is the contents coming from it (Vain words, ungraceful and unedifying words that we turn to lyrics).

Do not be ignorant, God cannot be mocked, you can not plant a seed in the flesh and reap spiritual, Never.

If you plant a seed spiritually(in faith) and you stay in it you will surely reap it.


(1) Don’t leave your worship to sing or song, “don’t praise your worship and worship your praise.”

What do i mean by the above, i was a participant at a school of worship sometime in 2012 and one of the speaker used that line “don’t praise your worship and don’t worship your praise” and it dawned on me that so many times we have been dancing to the tune of the instruments, the melody and beat neglecting the main subject of worship which is God, in other words we’ve just been enjoining ourselves rather than worshipping.

A pastor once said he had to suspend the music instruments in his church for a while when the situation i stated above dawn on him about worship situation in his church.

The question is are you really gonna be okay if you worship without musical instruments? Answer that sincerely in your mind.

Some music ministers cannot even minister without some conditions met.

(2) – Never minister to impress or compete with others.
Don’t minister with the intention of intimidating or competing with another music minister.

David was said to be a man after Gods heart, he doesn’t go on any thing unless he has sought Gods mind on it.

Always endeavour to seek Gods face to know his will, his mind for the church and for the people of God before you climb the stage.
Before i go on any stage i ask the holy spirit what will you want me say/do.

(3) – Always ask for what God is said to do before you minister(…thy will be done….) God’s will can be done if we aligned our hearts with his.

(4) – Don’t be after material/money things.
-Reduce your self (ego, skill, expertise etc) and let God be in charge.
Engage the holy spirit always.
Always remember we are music ministers called to make God’s will done here on earth.

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