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New Music:PASTOR MOJI ALAWIYE:Jesus (You’re All I Ever Wanted)

An anointed word and  music Minister with apostolic Grace!.
Pastor Moji Alawiye fondly called PMA is a worship Pastor, conference speaker, a foremost gospel music minister in Nigeria whose ministry has spread to Europe , United Kingdom and North America.
CEO, Mammusic world, Creator worship experience live in Nigeria, President worship experience live USA Inc. An author, song writer, and TV personality.
Moji Alawiye is an anointed Praise worship leader. Her song writing skill blended with her spirit filled prophetic worship ministrations has endeared her to so many people. Trained over a thousand worship leaders in praise worship, song writing and leadership courses. A mentor and counselor to the youth and young families.

About a year ago, I desired a song with a simple chorus echoing the name of Jesus. 
This is that Song: Jesus, all I’ve  ever Wanted ‘ 
I was tired of music ministers omitting the name of Jesus from their lyrics in order to gain market value. (Ouch!)
Tired of pulpit ministers limiting themselves to motivational speaking, Our christian leaders avoiding the name of Jesus in public prayer places while a muslim counterpart is not afraid to say, ” ALAHU AKBAIR”. 
Am not apologetic about my LOVE FOR Jesus. I am helplessly in Love with Jesus and want to share the goodnews with others as well. 
Jesus is the ONLY answer for our world today. Let’s bring Jesus back to  our schoools. Let’s bring Jesus back to our  cities and to our Nations. Let’s bring Jesus back to our dying world.” 
At the mention Name of Jesus,  every knee must bow (Phil 2.10)
And to you my friend.. yet to surrender finally to Jesus, I plead with you on Christ Behalf, be reconciled to God. 
Please share Jesus with someone today! 
In Jesus name.
Ps Moji Alawiye PMA


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