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Shocker! “Bobrisky Is Not A Star And Will Never Be” —Muyiwa Nafiu || @MuyiwaNafiu


Fast rising gospel music minister and worship leader Muyiwa Nafiu has demoted the popular socialite, Cross dresser and fashionista “Bobrisky” in his recent article he published on his facebook page, this came to be after a friend of the  Lautech graduate described him as a ‘social pervert’ for having no knowledge of who ‘Bobrisky’ is.

The ‘Awon Alade lo yi oka’ crooner claimed the socialite who always portray himself as a lady in his dressing is not a star, he equally berated believers for conforming to the standard of the world of who a star should be.


Read the Article below.

In a recent conversation with my friend, the name ‘Bobreesky’ came up, and I did not have a clue who he was, no clue at all. My friend looked at me like an alien, a ‘social pervert!’…… Who doesn’t know ‘Bobreesky’?, well…..I don’t. And I have no apologies for that.

My problem was not that I was unaware of a leading sexual pervert in our world, (I now know who he is by the way), my problem was that fellow believers tried to (even in the slightest) make me feel bad for not knowing that man.

Call me a social pervert and I am fine with it. In my world, that man is not a star, he does not even count. The definition of a star in our Kingdom is, ‘Those who turn many to righteousness…’ . So, to me, Kenneth E Hagin is a star, I’ve read lots of his books. Joshua Selman is a star, his Spirit driven messages have blessed me. E.A Adeboye is a star. David Oyedepo is a star. Benny Hinn is a star, his work on ‘Good morning Holy Spirit’ still has its imprint on me today. Nathaniel Bassey is a star. Hillsong United are stars. Andrew Womack is a star. Segun Onayinka is a star. Niyi Adedayo is a star. EW Kenyon, Aimee McPherson, Kathryn Kulman, John Wesley, Evan Roberts…those are stars, and though some of them have gone to be with the Lord; they shine on; Christ being the chief Superstar. They are not stars because they broke a world record, but because they are relevant in God’s agenda for the earth. I have work to do. My devotion to the things of God is a full time job.

Muyiwa Nafiu 

Here’s a couple of things I have to do:

I have to learn Christ!

I have to learn the word!

I have to learn conduct!

I have to preach Christ!

I have to preach again!

I still have to preach!

I have to pray!

I still have to pray!

I need to pray! in fact, according to scriptures, ‘without ceasing!’

My life as a Believer is a full time job.

And the only thing that keeping up with what’s going on in Satan’s Kingdom does to me is reduce my receptivity, my spiritual perception; my mind gets burdened.

Somebody said, ‘ you have to know the tactics of the world, you have to understand what’s going on, so that you will be able to win them’……I’m ashamed of whoever said that!

‘Christ did not go on a talk with the devil to know his schemes…..the Holy Ghost exposes the devil to us.

I DO NOT need the devil’s permission to know his schemes, the Holy Ghost reveals them to me, like Elisha did to the King of Samaria against the army of Aram.

I am in the world, but I am not of the world.

I am proud of the ways and principles of Christ.

I refuse to succumb to the principles of the world in order to yield Kingdom results.

Christ will always suffice!

He is more than enough.

His principles are not from around here, they are of a farther origin than the world itself, for ‘In the beginning was the Word…’

The speed of airtel connection has not changed what we call ‘Process’ in the kingdom. God’s principles will not change because our world invented windows 8,9,10…..

I am NOT ashamed of Christ!

I am not ashamed of the process He is taking me through!

I do not envy!

If you feel that God is too slow, run ahead,(I advise you not to), but please don’t call me along.

Where the Lord puts me, is where I will stay.

We are a band of believers who would rather pray in tongues in the night, and plunge into deeper devotion.

We are an army that would follow God’s plans for our lives doggedly, without considering how you feel.

Muyiwa Nafiu 

We pray! We study! We evangelize! We sing Christ! We are not mediocre! We stand upon mountains! One of us chases a thousand, two put ten thousands to flight! We rise in the name of Jesus! We are strong! We are swift like the lion! We have the spiritual sight of an eagle! Our feet are light like the deer! We thirst after more! Our goal is Christ! Until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord takes over this earth! We will not stop! We will not rest! We are the righteousness of God in Jesus! Money is not our goal, we rule over it! We don’t fight devils, we command them! We don’t run from witches, they run from us! I see this army! We are all over the earth! Christ is the Captain of this host of the Almighty Jehovah! When one falls, the other picks him up! We are secure in Christ! He’s coming back for us! ‘Come away my fair one’ he says….the winter is past, the rain is gone. Maranatha.

We advance!

We advance!

We advance!

(If you are offended by this, then it was not meant for your eyes, and to you, I am sorry I wasted your time.)

Muyiwa Nafiu 


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