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Sop Godfrey ~ Na Me [@sopgodfrey]


Sop Godfrey Releases yet another hit single titled “Na Me” This piece is about speaking God’s blessings over your life,
while at the same time celebrating Him for what He has done for you.
for those who love jiretion, this song will make you dance like never before.
This song was produced by Mobidykes
About Artiste 
Sop Godfrey operates a multi-faceted personality as a pastor, speaker, author and a gifted music maker. He advocates the
maximization of individuals’ gifting and the fulfillment of individuals’ primary assignment on earth.
He leads Success City Campus Fellowship in one of Nigeria’s leading university; a movement dedicated to bringing destines to life.
Na me Lyrics
Solo:Na Who God go bless o tell me make i hear
All: Na me
Solo:Na who God go bless o tell me make i feel am o
Na me!
If you know say you are the one o
come out make we dance o
(unto the lord)
I say if you know say you are the person o
Come out make we rock am o
Eh…na me oh…
Na me God go bless
Na me God go bless oh
He be oga for my life, for my soul
He too much o
He don bless me wellu wellu
Shebi dey talk say i go poor o sote i die
Response: (hmmm…for where)
But see today level don change o
Abi you no dey see am o
Response: (I dey see am o)
Na so He dey do anyone wey put en trust in Him(2x)
Everybody sing with me
(Back to chorus)2x
I am going higher, yes higher
All: I am going higher all day
I am going higher yes higher
All: Reigning with Jesus for life
I am living above the shadows
All: Into the presence of God
Into the presence of Jesus
All: I am going higher all day!
He don bless me wellu-wellu, wellu-wellu, wellu-wellu
Ah eh ah eh
(Ah eh 4x)
He don bless me wellu-wellu


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