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New Music: METALOKAN (Trinity) – Pastor Isaac [@pastorisaac11] ft Asakemi

Tapping into the creedal heritage of the church, Pastor Isaac, Lead Pastor at Preachers’ Hillcity Church in this song teaches the church to sing its theology, confessing our beliefs in both the nature and works of God together.
This song centers around the eucharist and what it means to commune with God through the work of the Triune in salvation. The primary focus is to talk about the divine community, and what it means for us to commune (and be welcomed into community together) with and by God’s grace. A very unique and wonderful trinitarian song ,with African contemporary style, that would tie well into any discussion on divine community and communion worship services.
Metalokan is one of a couple that mention the Godhead in three persons where Pastor Isaac uses its verse & Asakemi’s chant to explore the economy of the Godhead in saving us. With these verses that plunge into both the worship of God in heaven and the great descent of the Son to redeem us, Metalokan captures the high praise of creation as it rises to the Triune God.
This is a great song either for a call to worship, an interlude, or the end of a program. It’s affirming our purpose for existence that is greatly practical, lyrically theological.
When your church sings of the Triune God, which songs do you sing? What would you add to the list? I’m always looking to grow our vocabulary in worship.


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