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Audio & Video:”Tobito” By Pastor Oluwaseun Oluwatunmibi


“TOBITO” is a song describing how big and great our God is,  people shrink their god to fit their concepts. But our God is so big that he envelops all time and space. Most people believe in a god, that is, in a supernatural being or presence of some sort. In fact, they usually capitalize “god” as
if the word was the name of a supernatural being. But do the descriptions of the “god” in whom various people believe match each other? Is there really a “god” in whom all people believe? Or do they just believe in the concept of a god, the description of whom they fill in to suit their fancy? If one actually asks people to describe their god(s), one would soon realize there is little agreement about the nature of “God.”



Pastor Oluwaseun Oluwatunmibi,also known as “TOBITO”, he is from OSUN state,Nigeria,  a graduate of Public Administration From Lagos state University (LASU),  married, father and a mentor to many upcoming artiste. he is a Gospel Musician, and the district superintendent in-charge of CAC UNCHANGEABLE CHANGER DISTRICT.
 As an artist and a pastor he had many nomination and won so many awards which he has received  Within the last ten years.however he has been in the music ministry for the past three decades before he was called into the prophetic and pastoral ministry over a decade ago and God has being  faithful to him and his ministries.
 Gospel music to him is a type of sound wherein the creator intends to educate,edify and inspire the listeners while giving glory to GOD, playing music that is pleasant and evangelism in which he believed lot of Gospel artists need to also know that it isn’t just about the music that it is more than the melody or rhythms, that whilst their music can attract, it is their anointing that would eventually inspire and win the lost souls. His life hasn’t been without its share of challenges but he is  grateful to God Almighty so far so good Jesus is his testimony. He believes Bible is a wealth of lyrical manuscript for any serious gospel artist which is way to fulfill their purpose in their calling.



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