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New Music: ALREADY DONE – Amaray [@amarayamaray]

Amaray releases powerful affirmative worship single titled ALREADY DONE.
When asked to give the inspiration, or perhaps the description of the song, she pens down this beautiful piece:
“We live in a world of opinions; we give interpretations based on where we stand and what we see. To the one, it is 9, to the other, 6, and there be those who see the letter ‘b’ as ‘d’ and so on. It all depends on your positioning.
But, there is a select few that only see what God sees about them, says about them, and has written about them. And I tell you, that’s the only opinion that counts – God’s opinion!”
“Already Done” by “Amaray” produced by Fredibeat, is a song that activates the prophetic to correct every ungodly report or opinion that has tried to negate God’s Purpose and Say concerning you. Don’t stop talking it, keep say it…IT’S ALREADY DONE!
Lyrics – ALREADY DONE by Amaray 

When men say it can’t be done
Lord you say it’s already done
It’s done, it’s done
Lord you say it’s already done
When there is a casting down
We will say there is a lifting up
Whose report will you believe
We will believe the Lord
When the doctors say you can’t be well
You Will say it is well with my soul
When the physician says this is the end of the road
We will declare it is well with my soul
It is well with your soul
It is well, it is well because God says it
Ooooohh it is well
With my soul
It is well it is well with my soul!


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