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New Music: ALL MY HOPE IS IN YOU By KOMEMICHAELS @komemichaelkm :


Outstanding Music Minister , Kome Michael. is Out with another impactful Song , ALL MY HOPE IS IN YOU….

ALL MY HOPE IS IN YOU…this song is not only my prayer to God our Father, but my declaration of faith Him. And I’m here sharing with you today, so you too can place your hope, confidence and trust in the One who never fails – God.
You see, where and on whom we place or anchor our hope, confidence and trust  is very important because it determines the overall outcome of our lives. The Bible says, cursed is he who puts his trust in man.
Some people today put their confidence and trust in other things but God. They trust their money, their business, their charms, their efforts, their spouse… You know what I’m talking about. Anything or anyone we place our hope and trust in apart from God will certainly fail. That’s why this simple but powerful song was released to point you and me back to the One who has and will never fail. I dare you to put all your hope and trust in Jesus today.


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