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Music: Jeremiah And DeHeart – My God


Jeremiah Jegede is a lover of God, a young and talented musician that just loves to worship God.”My God is a song written during my final year in the university, where there were lots of mistakes in my project which I didn’t intentionally make but due to the printing process, happened. I discovered very late minutes before submitting and the song dropped in my heart. I continued to sing even as I prayed and submitted, and came out successfully

I believe God will wroth miracles with this track. So go ahead, listen to it and sing it in your homes. Sing it to your problems and declare to God that you believe that He can do all things and that’s all – miracles will happen in Jesus name.”_
God bless


Jeremiah Jegede was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is from a respected Christian family and from an early age he developed a love for both music and the gospel.He was inspired by his mother and elder brother who are both singers, which helped intensify his passion for music.

As he grew into an independent man, he developed a rather uncommon interest for soul lifting gospel music and as time passed, Jerry; as he is fondly called, began sensing a deep yearning within.

The more he developed an intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the more he realized that music was more than an item to fill a space in time with.
He came to the realization that it was a fundamental tool in praising and worshiping the lord.

As a worshipper, Jeremiah has ushered heart-reeling, inspiring worship programs, as well as many in concerts, crusade, and churches into the presence of God.
Intro –
Lift up your hands as we workship God tonight
The Bible says in Lk. 1vs 37 that with God nothing shall be impossible, that means that God can do all things.
He can do all things, all things
He can make a way, he can heal your soul, heal your body, hey, he can do all things.
Lift up your voice and worship him
Creator of all the earth, He can make a way!
Hallelujah!Solo-I serve a God, who can do all things, He’s mighty and powerful my God
I serve a God who can do all things, He’s mighty and powerful my God (2x)Interlude 
Back up- I serve a God who can do all things, Mighty and powerful my God

He’s with me through trials and tribulations
He’s with me through all life’s struggles
He’s with me to wipe away my tears

Oh Lord be magnified(2x)

Call- He can do all things
Response- He can do all things

Call – He can make a way
Resp-He can make a way (4x)

Call- He can move mountains
Resp-He can move mountains

Call -He can heal your body, soul, mind
Resp- He can make a way

Outro – Oh Lord be magnified
Oh Lord be magnified

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