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(News/Interview) Meet US Based Nigerian Gospel Artist “Racheal” – Biography | @Okaforracheal1

are some interesting things you need to know about US based Nigerian
Gospel artist Racheal, based on an interview with Naija Gospel World.

whose full name is Racheal Ijeoma Okafor is a Gospel Artiste based in
the United States is America, born on Jan 17th. She hails from IMO State
Nigeria, born and raised in Lagos Nigeria.

Racheal is a member of jubilee Christian Church (stoughton ma)

She is a Graduate of healthcare studies, biology and social work From The University of Salem (Massachusetts)

She also work as Site director and human rights advocate outside Music

Racheal happily is Married. 
Below are interesting reponds from Racheal about himself! 
– How did you start singing?

started singing in “glory Christian center- apapa” at the age of 10.
Before I joined the choir, I would go home every Sunday from church and
mine songs just like the worship leader  who sang in church. I just
remember being Drawn to the choir and would refuse to stay in the
teenage class because I wanted to watch and listen to the choir. The
gift was there but I also found the passion and love for music from
listening to the church choir.
moved on to the redeemed Christian church of God (revelation sanctuary-
ikotun, Lagos) where I met my best friend (Regina Agbaje) who pushed me
even further by playing the guitar for me and listening to me practice.
– what inspired you to take up music as a career?

up in a church like “glory Christian center” that loved and appreciated
music/worship, made me understand the power of music. Also, when I was
younger, my father would always preach about the man who gave his
servants talents. While some worked to multiply the talent, one set at
did nothing with his but bury it (Matthew 25:14-30). The minute I became
aware of my gift, then I became afraid of being the servant who would
bury her gift. All I ever knew growing up was how to love, serve and
appreciate God through music.
– what are your challenges as a Gospel artiste & how do you cope with them?
have not personally experienced any challenges with being a gospel
artist. Being able to affect people through music alone is very
satisfying for me.
– outside singing, what other talents do you have in music & outside Music?
Song writing. Outside of music, I am specially skilled in hair styling/making, cooking, crotchet/knitting outfits/items.
– what are the things you like & dislike in people?
I like honesty and empathy in people
I dislike dishonesty
– What is that one thing you do that makes you feel fulfilled or want to do that will make you feel fulfilled?

and making music makes me very fulfilled. Being chosen by God to
minister his faithfulness through music is satisfying: Being able to
affect people through music is mind blowing I must say.
of music, the work that I do is also one that gives me so much self
satisfaction from advocating for individuals with developmental
disabilities to providing counseling.


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