Home Music Awamaridi By Bukunmi (Free Download)

Awamaridi By Bukunmi (Free Download)

Over the years, People of the earth have shown worry and earnest concern on issues bordering on the description of the awesomeness of the Almighty God. Hence the human conclusion of quality of God being unfathomable.
 Awamaridi is a song expressing the unfathomable nature of the Most High. The scripture clearly states that His judgement is unsearchable and His ways pass finding out.
Awamaridi is made to lift souls, make them ponder on the awesomeness of God and His show of compassion on His creatures.
One gets enthralled listening to this soul-stirring song by delectable diva, Beloved Bukunmi, that one cannot help yearning for more and longing to see Yahweh in His glory
 Awamaridi is one of the songs in the 8track album titled BEAUTIFUL which speaks of the righteousness of the Father, His holiness and His awesome attribute as a Covenant Keeping God.

 This powerful song enriched in deep lyrical composition magnifies the unfathomable God, gets you connected to Yahweh wherever you are and leaves you standing in awe of Jehovah.


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