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Audio: Ogheneme doh – Isaac obiova Ft Okey

Based on the original song “Ogheneme doh” by Isaac Obiova from the New Wine album comes this new single Ogheneme doh (Remix) featuring Okey Mehong. It’s a simple but thought provoking and spirit inspired song which means ‘Thank You my God’ in Isoko. This Praise/Worship song, birthed in a place of sweet fellowship is a response of a heart filled with immense gratitude to a loving Father who never gave up on me even while I wandered away from grace in search of absolute vanity. His love is unflinching, His mercy enduring and His faithfulness unending.
Truly I was like a disaster bound to happen, a helpless captive of the mighty. But God turned my life around and put a song in my mouth for the nations… I can’t but ask;
“who am I
That You are so mindful of me?
Who am I
That You gave Your life for me?
Ogheneme doh.
Join me as we raise Him a sound for all the wondrous works Jesus has done for humanity till the knowledge His power and His redeeming grace is made know throughout the whole earth.
Download, listen and praise Him.
The air I breathe you gave
The sunlight and the rain
Vegetation great and small
Necessities of life
You gave them all for free
Oghene me doh
See the mountains and the hills
The oceans and the caves
All creation great and small
The wonders of your hands
You gave them all to man
Oghene me doh
So I ask
Who am I 2x
That you are so mindful of me
Who am I
That you gave your life for me
Who am I
Oghene me doh
Once a wretched soul I was
A disaster bound to happen
Lawful captive of the mighty
Heavy laden with the yoke of sin and shame
What a tragedy I was
But Jesus did something amazing
You left your throne and glory
You paid the price so dearly
To make me pure and holy
This is too good to be real
But you did it anyway
Oghene me doh
So I ask
Who am I 2x
That you are so mindful of me
Who am I
That you gave your life for me
Who am I
Oghene me doh
Onye n’ ebuli isi m elu
Oke Chi na-agozi akara aka m
Ebube mbara igwe
Echeta obi esie m ike
Oghene do
Isi n’ ebe a n’ ekpofu ahihia bulie nwa ogbenye elu
Mee ka ya na ndi amaara aha ha nokoo
Ochetara onye echezoro
Obuliri onye emejoro
Onye ndi mmuozi na mmadu na-akpo isiala nye
Agu n’ eche mba
Isi iyi nke ndu
Gi k’ anyi ji aba
Ome nma e 2x
Ogheneme do
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