Monica Ogah – Over Again

Recall that Monica Ogah dropped her first gospel single “The Reason” earlier this year? Well, here’s another spirit filled and  soul lifting song from The 2011 MTNPJF4 winner and she tittles this one “Over Again” produced by Zeg. Mix and Mastered by TK.

Over Again portrays God’s ability to do whatever He says, done in the past, now and in the future.



Over and over again 2* I am your God i did it before And i will do it again Over and over again I’ll do it Over and over again I am your God i did it before And i will do it again Chorus Again 3 Again and again I will bless you Again 3 Again and again Exceedingly, you could ask for or think I haven given to you..Exceedingly,abundantly As far as your eyes can see I have given you you
Repeat pre-chorus 2 Repeat chorus 4 Healing healing everyday for you Blessings blessings everyday for you Testimonies every were Healing every were Breakthrough everywhere Again and again and again oo Woooo ooo Oooo Oooo Oooo Over and over again pre-chorus 2

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