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You Are So Good – Amazing Amec


Gospel music minister and writer, Amazing Amec is out with her sophomore single title  “You are so good.”

The song ” You are so good ” reassures us of the fatherly love of God who answers us when we call. God is ever faithful and his goodness is forever. Remain Blessed as you enjoy this amazing song


Lyrics: You are so Good by Amazing Amec 

Idirimu’ ma nezie                

You are so good to me         

Idirimu’ ma nezie                

You are so good to me,      

Every morning noon and night,

Your love is all I see.                        

Idirimu’ma nezie                

You are so good to me                                                   

Idirimu’ ma nezie                

you are so good (2times)          


Idirimu’ ma nezie                  

you are so good to me.       

Idirimu’ ma nezie ,                

you are so good to me.      

Every morning noon and night your love is all I see,                   

Idirimu’ ma nezie ,                 

you are so good to me. (2times)


Idirimu’ ma nezie,              

You are so good to me.  

Idirimu’ ma nezie               

You are so good to me.         

Every morning noon and night your love is all I see      

Idirimu’ma nezie you are so good to me.                

Miracle signs and wonders,                                 

They all belongs to you       

Even the life I live,              

They all belongs to you,     

Alagbada ina                      

Your voice just like a thunder,                                

Almighty God your name i will exalt.                             

Repeat Chorus


When I remember,                 

Where you took me from you 

Open my eyes to see the future you have for me,                        

You took away my pain      

You die to give me joy         

Alade ogoo, alade ogoo  

No one like you,                   

There is no one like you,     

I ve’been to so many places there is no one like you,                   

You took me from the mare clay,                             

Set my feet on rock 

Lord you made a way where there was no way

You made from dessert

You made the barren fruitful chimara obi oooo                    

You are so good to me.   

Repeat Chorus

Ooooh a a a                          

E e e  a a a                              

Thank you Lord,                  

Lord I’m so greateful           

For all you ve’done me,       

Lord I’m so greatful             

Aha aaaaa                          

Ta ra ra ra.

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