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Onibu Ore – Olaoluwa Akinremi


Onibu Ore is a praise medley by Olaoluwa Akinremi, a praise and worship song that was sang in a unique way and at the same time spirit filled, this song will make your heart be open unto God as you praise continually.




OLAOLUWA AKINREMI  is a committed and passionate Minstrel of classic Gospel Music. Popularly known as “Praise-lioness “, she devotes many of her songs to worship and deep praise of God in the indigenous way through inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Her book “The Ministry of a Womb-man” published in 2013 launched out her Women’s ministry and she is presently the Convener of the Lion of Praise Annual Concert, the Visionary of the Kingdom Explorers Music & Bible Academy( for Children from ages 3 to 19) and the Director of Peculiar Queens Global Foundation partnering with the Lagos State Public Interest Law Partnership, Ministry of Justice, National Human Rights Commission, a British Initiative; Justice For All and so on.
The multi-talented  Worshiper,  OlaOluwa-CJN as the nickname given to her by her learned colleagues and friends,  she is also a Lawyer – Human Rights Activist, a Counselor and a Life Coach with the vision of celebrating the efficacy of the Word of God through her songs and Profession to  raising the foundation of many generations via her God- given gifts.
She is one of the Stars in the Season 1 of the Project 877 Compilation of songs, currently the Soprano Co-Coordinator of Oregun Center  in the Music Team of  Faith Tabernacle Choir, Winners Chapel,  Canaan-land and is gloriously married to Akinyinka Akinremi ( FCA). Their wonderful marriage is blessed with three great Nations.


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