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Bimpe – Aremu Onisegunko Ft Tobilo (Video)

Bimpe by Aremu Onisegunko ft otobi

Bimpe is a song of love of two lover birds who found love in each other neglecting their floors with a touch of total African rhymes.

I have one lady,. Her name is ‘BIMPE
She is too anxious for work to the extent that she don’t mind herself wearing same cloth, she wore yesterday for work. Because Her Mother’s job base on palm-kernel oil production. She don’t value fashion, neither bathe daily, Which prompted me to say she’s dirty.
But she had a good manner and she values me..

I Love her, Despite of her Unpleasant deeds..
She usually mocked, whenever she’s on her way to market.

At times, Her friends do make jest on us whenever they sees us together. Telling me ‘ I’m a blind man.
Many ladies in the village do twinkle ‘ At me, but because of the Love, Passion, I had for her, make me stand firmly to assure her. She’s the only girl in my life.

I finished My Modern School, And I need to find a job to do as a man, who hopes to become a successful & wealthy man tomorrow. So therefore, I found it difficult to get transport fare from my parent including my friends around me. She’s the one that stole her mother’s money And gave it to me, for my transport fare.

So I went to Lagos!
I found job. I started workin in Coca_Cola store as ‘An Assistant – Manager. 🙏

In the village, My love faced a lot of challenges, tribulation from both side i.e. Her mother And her friends after my departure from the village. She even thought, she would not see me again or maybe one day I will just come back with a wife to the village according to what people and her friends are saying to her..


I come back home to find my love.
Many people in the village were shocked, even amazed to see me After So many years, I’ve left village!

She was happy to see my arrival,.. We both wept 😢
I ask her if I would be consider by her father for marrying her
Bcos during the times I lived in village. Her father don’t like to see me around Her. Even there was a day. I was being chased with a cutlass by her father.

At Last!!
Her father agreed 👍!
And support our wedding.
I was overwhelmed.
After our wedding. I took her to the city of Lagos. Where We lived as couple..


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Aremu Onisegunko
He’ s a musician, (An urban folk, Afro singer)
He hail from Ekiti (Ikole) but was born In Ode – Aje/Alalubosa/Ibadan. Oyo state
He started His Education career In Ibadan as kindergarteen but later moved to Osun state with His parent to Ile-Ife. In 1987 Where He had both primary and secondary school certificate, later went back for his higher institution, In Ibadan Polytechnic, Where He obtain certificate In Mechanical engineering In year 2006

During this time and before this time, he has been running his music career In late 90’s
he was An Ex Pop singer. He joined one group called ‘ADDOSH. means “Ade, Dotun, Sherif. In Ibadan Polytechnic.
Now he came back fully In Pop music he play before. And He rename it to” urban folk & Afro.
He has released 5 different single, titled’ BIMPE♣, APERE(Basket)♣, Hello Awelewa ♣ ‘Na Lagos I Dey ♣. And’ Money Dey ♣Since he came back for this kind genre of music he play nowadays
But (BIMPE,) trends, out of the 5 track, he release, and was released In the year 2017. This song i.e (BIMPE) enhance his kind of music to be known. The song pave many ways for him to feature in various interviews. In south/west both Radio & TV Station

Aremu Onisegunko Is a’ Religion man, He believes In ‘One GOD (Christianity) He Never compromise!
He has feature and sing along with many artist. Like’ A Tobilo In BIMPE song, Queen Sheba In ‘Hello Awelewa and many more

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