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Ona Iyanu – Daniel Elubaji ft. Moses Olaboye + Kemi Ogunrinde

Nigeria Fast-growing gospel minister, Daniel Elubaji team up with another powerful Gospel ministers  and songwriter, Moses Olaboye and Kemi Ogunrinde in delivering another powerful tune titled “ONA IYANU”  after his previous release of a song tagged “He Has Come”

“Ona Iyanu” was composed and arranged by the Spirit of God to touch and rearrange lives, businesses and bring back divine Hope for the lost ones.

He responded lately to the alarm of Lazarus’ death because he wanted to make it A Miracle.
He aroused the anger of Pharaoh and planted a sea because he wanted to make the departure of the big sea as a Miracle.
He has done several miracles and still doing more.

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Ona Iyanu Lyrics:
Daniel Verse:
Mo gbekele oluwa
Oju ko ni Timi laialia
Bo ju ba ti gbogbo eniyan
Ojo o ni ti mo lailia
Wa kan dede somi doba
Ni gbogbo ti mo ba ti de
Wa dede mumi Joko o
Pelu omo alade Lai ro ti
Ilekun toti ti ni rere
A dede si won fun mi ni Lai mon
Awon ohun rere to ti nu
A mu won wa lopo
O na ti wa gbe oro mi gba
Ko ti e Yemi, mo o de fe mon
Ona ti wa gbe oro mi gba
Iyanu lo ma jasi
Ona ti wa gbe oro ye gba
Ona o tun lo ma gba wa
Ona ti wa gbe oro ye gba
Iyanu ni Jesu.
Ona ti o ma gbaye mi gba
Iyanu ni o ma je
Ona ti o ma gbaye mi gba
Iyanu ni
Ona ti o ma gbaye mi gba
Iyanu ni jesu /2x
Moses verse:
Ko sohun to lese baba mi
Ona Ara lo gba lo fi ba Joseph se baba
Esteri lo jo yen, Iyanu lo a a se o baba
Ibi ti mi o ro pe mo le de
Fi yanu mu mi debe ju be lo
Iyanu nile, Iyanu lo de, Iyanu lona gbogbo
Seyanu laye mi, Kaye o fo ko di aye Ogo.
Ogo to n womu ogo, mogo jade sa ni o baba.
Ibi okunkun su si laye mi baba tan mole sibe
Ka ba mi yo, ka ba mi dupe laipe ooo.
O na ti o ma gbaye mi gba
Ko ye mi o ye oooo

(Back to Chorus)

Kemi Verse:
Oba to sede aye
Iyanu nla ni o
Ona to gbe oro Orun gba
Iyanu loje
O mu owo jade lenu eja
Iyanu ni o
O mu omi jade lati inu apata
Iyanu ni o je
Iyefun ororo kan o San gbese
Iyanu ni o
Isede aye to ni, emi gbogbo aye lowo
Iyanu nla loje
Ogo, Ola, oro, o po lode re
Iyanu nla nbo fun mi o
Eh eh eh
Iyanu nbo fun mi Mo gba
(Back to Chorus)
Bridge :
Call: Baba mimo, ko sohun to le se
Resp.:Eh Eh Eh Eh
Call: O ji Oku dide, o laju afoju
Resp: Uuuuuuuu
Call: Agbara re, o po ko ma lafiwe
Resp: Eh eh eh
Call: Iyanu Iyanu loruko re olorun wa
Resp: Ah ah ah ah
Call: Isasun aye, o be lodo ee
Resp: Eh eh eh
Call: Lori o dodo, lo Joko si ooo
Resp: Oh oh oh
Call: Oba a sore fun ni mama siregun ooo
Resp: Eh eh eh
Iyanu Iyanu mani oruko re
(Back to Chorus).

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