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Dr TJ – Water into Wine (VIDEO + MP3)

Dr TJ - Water into Wine
International worship leader and singer Dr Tj releases new single “Water into Wine” to mark his birthday.

The new single is coming after the success of his debut album release “Sounds of Victory“.

Water into Wine captures the unconditional love of God. How God always goes a step ahead to provide for his own particularly when it seems all hope is lost.

Jesus showing up at the wedding and performing his very first miracle and God feeding Elijah in the lonely desert

There is never a time too late for God. As you listen may the song bring your uncountable blessings and experience the power of God in your life.

Water into wine was produced by Joewhyte.

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In my season of lack
You sent the ravens to feed me
You brought sweet water out of bitterness
All of of my days
I will sing your praise
You made a way in the wilderness
You turned water into wine
You Changed my life
There’s nothing you can’t do
You rescued me
You turned my life around
Gave me beauty for ashes
There’s nothing you can’t do
You rescued me
Your love 3x
Is so amazing


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