“My Only Helper”, a song by Clarion Clarkewoode, was written during a momentous and unforgettable crisis in 2016. His mum suddenly became unwell and it appeared all hope was getting lost fast. The hopeless situation worsened, as some friends and family were unreachable; and others surprisingly were judgemental of his mum’s predicaments – imminent heartbreak was so close to home.

Clarion felt so alone; and was sore afraid of the unknown. His despair was almost beyond repair. Shedding uncontrollable tears by night and yet showing a brave heart and face by day became his second nature. This hypocrisy was a worse evil.

Keeping his faith and confidence in the person and character of God whilst meditating on Psalms 121:1-2 is what pulled him through – God came through for Clarion in a mighty way!

To quote Bishop Noel Jones, Clarion believes God created a situation for revelation and manifestation of help when he needed it most and he (Clarion) called God ‘My Only Helper’.


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When I am down, when troubles come
When I am weak and I burdened be
To you I call, before you I fall
My only helper, my only help

When in despair, beyond repair
When I am drenched in my own tears
To you I call, before you I fall
My only helper, my only help

People change, seasons change
Love may rise, love may fall
But all in all, before you I fall
My only helper, my only help

When friends are gone and I’m alone
When I’m afraid of the unknown
To you I call, before you I fall
My only helper, my only help

When I am wrong, when I’m not strong
You are my strength, you are my song
To you I call, before you I fall
My only helper, my only help

Every breath I breath, every move I make
Every step I take, you remain my one and only

To you I call, before you I fall
My only helper, my only help

My only helper, my only help
(In my weakest hour): My only helper
(In my lowest hour): My only helper
(Oh I look to the hills, whence cometh my helper): My only helper
(The Lord is my light and my salvation): My only helper
(My Redeemer, Creator and King): My only helper
(He’s my shepherd, my brother and friend): My only helper
He’s my Priest, my Prophet, my King of Kings
My only helper, my only help.


Clarion Clarkewoode is a UK-based music consultant and an international gospel recording artiste whose influence has spanned and revolutionized the music and worship ministries in the USA, UK, Australia, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Denmark, Switzerland and many more.

2014: His maiden album, ‘Altar of Worship’ was nominated for two international awards: UK – Best Praise and Worship Music Video by GMIA and, USA – Black Essence Award in Indiana

2020 was a busy year for Clarion. He released four brand new singles including LAST MINUTE GOD, which is fast becoming a people’s choice and favourite.

Watch this space, he will be performing in a City, Church or Concert hall near you soon.

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @ClarionClarkewoodeTwitter @MinisterClarion and subscribe to his YouTube channel – you won’t be let down in any shape or form.

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