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You Are God – Tola Haastrup


You Are God by Tola Haastrup is a call to worship for those that are seeking to worship God in the Spirit and in truth as it describes the power of God over the planet earth  and God’s supremacy over all living creatures.

The song also tells of the hope we have when it seems hopeless and even when we have no strength that we can call on God, the most supreme that controls the universe.

The singer’s expectations for this song is to liberate those that are in bondage, to give hope to the hopeless and to empower those that are powerless and tormented by the devil. As a result of this, testimonies are expected by the Grace of God.


Tola Haastrup was born into a Pentecostal church where he got his inspiration to sing, then he joined the choir. Later, he became the assistant choir leader before the journey took him further.

Tola loves singing and listening to music. He chose gospel music because he loves God.

He has released two other singles “Titilayo” and “Testimony”.

DOWNLOAD LINK : https://fanlink.to/haastrup


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