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All Christians Praise – Gifted Sax

All Christians Praise - Gifted Sax
“In the year 2016, God inspired me (Gifted Sax) to come up with a Saxophone Praise Medley that will be a variety of cherished Spiritual Christians Denominations songs and hymns. Thereby unifying Christian denominations as one irrespective of doctrines and style.
I began to cultivate it in my Spirit since then, even though several challenges and distractions have delayed its actualization.
But, I give God the Glory for granting me victory over it all and making this vision a reality.
And this Saxophone Praise Medley is titled “All Christians Praise”
However, this is just the beginning (Volume 1) of such as I’ve taken it as a kingdom project to continually bless the body of Christ nationwide and globally. It’s going to be in volumes over time with better and improved approaches.
All Christians Praise - Gifted Sax
This just-released volume 1 will also be on video before volume two is going to be released, and volumes to come will follow suit.
May God Almighty who has started this good work give it a beautiful completion in Jesus Name.”

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Ogunsakin Oluwasegun Oluseyi, known as Gifted Sax is a Saxophone Minister.

Gifted Sax was born in the City of Iwo, Osun State. He discovered God’s gifts in him and started his music ministry there 15years years ago. Gifted Sax has been a blessing to the body of christ nationwide and internationally.

Gifted Sax emanated from Baptist denomination background, specifically Alma Rohm Baptist Church, Iwo, Osun State. but embraces other denominations where the gospel of Christ is core.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from the University of Uyo. Gifted Sax is currently based in Osogbo, Osun State.
Gifted Sax is also a songwriter, a saxophone Tutor, and Saxo-Brass Engineer.
Gifted Sax is ready to fulfill the kingdom mandate via the Gospel Music Industry of Nigeria and Abroad.


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