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Abi Megaplus Releases Orin Tuntun Album [Music + Video]  


International Gospel Artist, Abi Megaplus has released a brand new album to the praise and glory of our God.
This album is titled “Orin Tuntun” which is translated as a New song.

Just like the Bible admonishes us to sing unto the Lord a new song. This should be our contemplation every day and Minister Abi Megaplus has helped us achieve this.

Minister Abi Megaplus hails from the western part of Nigeria where his native dialect is Yoruba language. He has excellently used this language to communicate his message to many around the world. “Orin Tuntun” is an album loaded with new gospel tunes and lyrics that are sure to bless you. These songs have never been seen or heard elsewhere and so do well to have this album on your playlist.

According to the Singer: “This album is dedicated to the glory of Almighty God, for the gift of life, the inspiration and for the baptism of the holy ghost. My prayer is that as people listen to these songs, may they win souls to Christ, bring about restoration, help people fulfilling destiny, and restore hope to the hopeless.
Thank you to my families, friends, fan, and colleagues for all your support and for believing in my dream, may God bless you all”

Orin Tuntun the album is a spirit-breathed project and it is out now for your download on all platforms.

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Album Title – “New Song”
(Orin Tuntun)

Track Listing

1) This month
2)Orin Tuntun
3)Orin Tuntun Prelude
4) Signs and Wonders (ft.Yetunde Are)
5) Kabiyesi re
6) Thank you for yesterday
7) I will shout
8) Iyanu Loluwa
9) You are God alone
10) when trouble comes my ways
11) Wonder to Behold
12) Mo mopope loma jasi
13) Destiny


Produced, mix and mastered by: Eng. Shola Williams
Tracks- 1) This month 3) Kabiyesi re 4) Orin Tuntun 5) Orin Tuntun Prelude 8) Iyanu Loluwa 13) Mo mopope loma jasi

Produced, mix and mastered by: Kujore Joseph (Iro Music Production)
Tracks-2) Thank you for yesterday 6) I will shout 7) You are God alone 9) when trouble in my ways

Produced, mix and mastered by: Depth Studio Ibadan
Co-Produced by: Randstone (Ghana)
Tracks – 10) Signs and Wonders (ft.Yetunde Are) 11) Wonder to Behold 12) Destiny

All songs composed by ABI Megaplus
Bookings and Management : +447898861505, 09163390566 follow on all social media handle @abimegaplus
Marketed and distributed by Sybuk Communications – Moyosore Shopping Complex, Moyosore, Oshodi, Lagos.


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