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Oni Majemu – Deborah Ajayi [Music + Video]


Sensational Gospel music minister, Deborah Ajayi comes with a great new tune to her trending song, “Oni Majemu.”

Deborah Ajayi‘s latest number, “Oni Majemu” moves away after the success of his recent sound, “Ekaabo” still gathering massive online plays.

Oni Majemu translated as ‘Covenant Keeper‘ is a brand new spirit-filled song.

A covenant is a sacred agreement between God and His children. God sets specific conditions, and He promises to bless us as we obey these conditions. Making and keeping covenants qualifies us to receive the blessings God has promised.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/AYxavNVy8so


Download Link: http://africori.to/onimajemu


Lyrics: Oni Majemu By Deborah Ajayi

Oni majemu to n’ pa majemu re
(The Covenant keeping God that Erases all Evil Covenant)

Oni majemu to n’ gbe majemu mi
(The Convent keeping God that swallow all Evil Covenant)

Oni majemu to n’ pa majemu re
(The Covenant keeping God that Erases all Evil Covenant)

Olorun majemu wa se iyanu laye mi
(The Covenant keeping God perform a miracle in my life)

Oni majemu ayo
The Covenant Keeper of Joy

A ba ni mule ma ma da a ni
(The Covenant Keeping God that never betrays)

A ba ni mule mu ileri se
(The Covenant Keeping God that fulfills all promises)

Onise iyanu, to n’se ise iyanu
(Awesome Wonder
(That Performs Wonder)

Onise iyanu, to n’fi aye mi dara ire ooo
(Awesome Wonder)
(That showcases my life with Wonder’s)

Onise iyanu, to n’se ise iyanu u’un
(Awesome Wonder)(That Performs Wonder)

Olorun iyanu, wa fi mi dara ire
(God of Wonder’s)
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

Agbara ajinde, bere ise majemu, Lori oke calvary
(The Power of Resurrection
Start the work of Covenant
(From the Cross of Calvary)

Olorun iyanu, o ba Obediodemu ni alejo,o si so di oloro
(God of Wonder’s)
(You visited Obededom)
(And made him Wealthy)

Oni majemu, wa se temi
(Covenant keeping perfect that which concerns me)

Wa so yeye mi, di ayeye
(Turn my Shame to Honor)

Wa so egan mi di ogo
(Turn my Reproach to Glory)

Wa funmi layo ko mu ayo mi kun
(Give me Joy and make me Joyful)

Olorun iyanu,wa fi mi dara ire
(God of Wonders
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

ire ire ireeee ireeee ireeee ireeee
(Wonders Wonders Wonders)

Wa fi mi dara ire
(Awesome Wonder Showcase as a Wonder )

Obinrin onisun eje, ofi owo kan iseti aso re, o si mu larada
(The Woman with the issue of Blood)
(Touched the Helm of your Garment and was made whole)

Wa fi mi dara ire ooo
(Awesome Wonder Showcase as a Wonder )

Joseph ninu tubu, o mu jade o si so di oba
(You brought Joseph out of the Prison and made him King)

Wa fi mi dara ire
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

There’s nothing you can’t do
My God of consistency
My God who answers by fire

Wa fi mi dara ire oo
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

Majemu to gbe ninu ipe fohun
(The Covenant in my Calling I call you forth )

Emi to n sise agbara
(The Power that Work Wonder’s)

Majemu ai se rere, ti ko fe je ki n’ gbe ile aye se rere, Oluwa ba mi ba je
(The Covenant
Oluwa ba mi ba je
(Lord Destroy)

Majemu igbe dide, to se, je ko se ninu aye mi
(The Covenant of Upliftment you promised me Come to pass)

Wa mu ayo wa
(Give me Joy)

Wa mu ire wa
(Give me Goodness)

Wa mu ola wa
(Give me Wealth)

Wa mu oro wa
(Give me Prosperity)

My God of possibilities

My God of Consistency

My God that will do exceedingly Abundantly
Above what I could ever ask think or imagine according to the power that works in me

Olorun iyanu o, se iyanu la ye mi o, se iyanu la ye mi o

(God of Wonders perform wonders in my life)

ebe ni mo be o o, Baba mi ooooo

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