Home Music Evang. Bukola Akinade – Senwele Jesu  “Jesu” – A Transformative Live Recording

Evang. Bukola Akinade – Senwele Jesu  “Jesu” – A Transformative Live Recording


Evangelist Bukola Akinade, also known as Senwele Jesu, has unveiled a soul-stirring live recording titled “Jesu.” This powerful rendition pays homage to the unshakable strength and majesty of the name of Jesus, resonating as a beacon of hope and refuge for all.


Recorded live, “Jesu” captures the fervor of worship and the unwavering faith that the name of Jesus represents. Senwele Jesu’s emotive vocals and the fervent atmosphere of the live recording come together to create an enchanting musical experience that invites listeners to partake in the boundless grace that Jesus offers.

Available now on Benmagradio and YouTube music platforms, “Jesu” marks a significant milestone in the gospel music journey of Evangelist Bukola Akinade – Senwele Jesu. This live recording version brings an authentic and transformative encounter with the timeless message of the name of Jesus.

Watch Jesu Here 

Experience the divine presence as you immerse yourself in the live recording of “Jesu.” Let the name of Jesus reign supreme in your heart and spirit through this captivating musical masterpiece.


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