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Veronica Thank God – Ember Month Can’t End Your Life


Nigerian gospel sensation, Veronica thankGod, has just announced her new project dubbed, Elevated, to celebrate the announcement, she has released the lead single off the record titled, “Ember Month Can’t End Your Life.”

Veronica ThankGod is renowned for her soul-stirring and uplifting music, and this new release highlights yet another impressive milestone in her illustrious career.

However, her journey has not been without challenges. She has faced a number of experiences that have left her feeling disheartened and uncertain of her abilities as a musician.

But through her faith, she emerged stronger, inspiring her to create the powerful and moving song, Ember Month Can’t End Your Life.

With previous hits like Help Me Oh Lord, GrandmaSammi Ovat, Veronica has become one of Nigeria’s most sought-after gospel artistes.

“Ember Month Can’t End Your Life” is a newly released track that will inspire believers, and the stunning music is sure to put listeners in awe.


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